Volodymyr Kukhar
Affiliation: SHEI "Pryazovskyi State Technical University"
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Name:      Volodymyr V. Kukhar

Date and place of birth: July 20, 1977, Mariupol, Ukraine

Address: Pryazovskyi State Technical University (PSTU),7, Universytetska str., Mariupol, 87555, Ukraine


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(2013) National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine. DSc degree (Doc. of Tech. Sci.)

(2008-2011) National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine. Post-Doctoral

(2003) Donbas State Engineering Academy. PhD degree (Cand. of Tech. Sci.)

(1994-2003) Pryazovskyi State Technical University. Bachelor, Specialist (Master) and Postgraduate 

Bachelor’s (1998) and Specialist’s (Master’s) (1999) degrees in Metallurgy (Metal Forming)


(2018) University of Management of Education, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Postgraduate Pedagogical Education (Certificate)

(2017) Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement, Prague, Czech Republic. “Educational systems, publishing and project activity in the European Union countries” (Certificate)


(1998-present) Pryazovskyi State Technical University, Metal-Forming Department.

Head (2014-present), Professor (2012-2014), Associate Professor (2003-2012), Assistant (2001-2003), Industrial Training Master (2000-2001), Research Engineer (1998-1999)


· TMCP;  · Mechanical Properties and Accuracy of Metal Products; · Phase Transformations in Steel; 

· Pre-Forming and Pre-Heating Processes


(2015) Professor’s Academic Title (Certificate)

(2010) Academician of the International Personnel Academy

(2006) Associate Professor’s Academic Title (Certificate)

 Supervisor of Graduated Works: 6 PhD theses, 1 DSc theses, 30 Master's works


(2017) Award Badge “Best Scientist of PSTU”

(2016) & (2019) I & II Degree Diplomas for Year Scientific Achievements (PSTU)

(2002) Winner of the Competition “Future of Mariupol”

(2002) Gratitude of Head of State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine

(2001-2003), (2007-2009) Scholarship of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

(1998) & (1999) Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees with Honour


580 Scientific Publications (total), of which:

6 Monographs, including:

  • V.V. Kukhar, A.H. Prysiazhnyi, E.Yu. Balalayeva, O.A. Tuzenko, A.H. Kurpe, A.S. Anishchenko, I.V. Karmazina. “Control of Rolled Thin-Plate Thermal State to Improve the Uniformity of Mechanical Properties Distribution”. Mariupol, 2018, 144 p. ISBN 978-966-604-243-2. (in Russian)
  • V.V. Kukhar, O.A. Tuzenko, E.Yu. Balalayeva. “Simulation of Heat-Exchange Processes at Intensification of Pre-Forming of Workpieces by Gradient Heating”. Mariupol, 2016, 145 p. ISBN 978-966-604-180-0. (in Russian)

9 Chapters in Collective Monographs, including:

  • O. Kurpe, V. Kukhar. “Developing of manufacturing technology for hot rolling coils (steel grade S355MC) at the wide-strip rolling mill 1700”. In book: Scientific Development and Achievments. Vol. 5. London, United Kingdom, SCIEMCEE Publishing London, 2018. pp. 260–270
  • O.H. Kurpe, V.V. Kukhar. “Mastering High-Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate Production Using Thermo-Mechanical Controlled Process (TMCP) at the Rolling Mill 3600”. In book: Engineering Science: Development Prospects in Countries of Europe at the Beginning of the Third Millennium. Vol. 1. Stalowa Wola, Poland; Riga, Latvia, Izdevnieciba “Balta Publishing”, 2018. pp. 281–298

270 Scientific Papers (54 are indexed in the Int. Sci. DB Scopus), including:

  • V.V. Kukhar, O.H. Kurpe, A.H. Prysiazhnyi, O.A. Khliestova, V.A. Burko, E.Yu. Balalayeva, N.Yu. Yelistratova. (2021). Improving of preventive management for flat rolling products quality indices. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1037: 012024. doi:10.1088/1757-899X/1037/1/012024
  • V. Kukhar, V. Artiukh, A. Butyrin, A. Prysiazhnyi. (2018). Stress-Strain State and Plasticity Reserve Depletion on the Lateral Surface of Workpiece at Various Contact Conditions during Upsetting. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Springer. 692: 201–211. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-70987-1_22

233 Abstracts and Conference Proceedings, including:

  • O.H. Kurpe, V.V. Kukhar, M.P. Zakharov, D.I. Pertik. (2019). Development and testing of technology of thermomechanical controlled rolling of coil steel according to European Standards. In Proc. Int. Sci. Tech. Conf. "University Science-2019", Mariupol, 2019, pp. 39-41 (in Ukrainian)
  • O. Kurpe, V. Kukhar, O. Shebanitc. (2018). Development of pilot batch and grade estimation of coils of steel grade S355MC at rolling mill "1700", PJSC "ILYICH IRON AND STEEL WORKS". In Proc. Int. Sci. Pract. Conf.: “Physical & Chemical Geotechnologies”, Dnipro, 2018, pp. 107-109.

65 Patents (UA), including:

  • Kukhar, V.V., Prysyazhny, A.H., Anishchenko, O.S., Glazko ,V.V., Sviatoi M.O. (2017). “Side guide for hot rolling mill manipulator” (Pat. 121177, Ukraine). PSTU. u201706244. Publ. 27.11.2017, Bul. no. 22, 4 p.
  • Kukhar, V.V., Aksionova, O.M. (2017). "Method of heating the edges of plate and strip rolling" (Pat. 115981, Ukraine). PSTU. u201608169. Publ. 10.05.2017, Bul. no. 9, 3 p.