Kassym Yelemessov
Affiliation: Satbayev University
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Professional biography

1992-1997, KazPTI named after V.I. Lenin, Department of Metallurgical Machines and Equipment, Mechanical Engineer;

1997-2000, KazNTU named after K.I.Satpaev, graduate student of the department "Metallurgical machinery and equipment";

2000-2008, KazNTU named after K.I. Satpaev, Associate Professor of the Department of Metallurgical Machines and Equipment;

2008-2009, Kazakhstan Nuclear University LLP manager;

2009 -2015,, KazNTU named after K.I. Satpaev, Associate Professor, Department of Technological Machines and Equipment

Since 2015, head of the department "Technological machines and equipment"

Head of Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. Scientist, teacher with twenty years of teaching. For more than 6 years he worked in JSC NAC Kazatoprom, Kazakhstan Nuclear University LLP Manager, General Manager. In different years, he underwent scientific and pedagogical training in Turkey, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poland. The author of more than 100 scientific publications, 4 of them are textbooks; 3 innovative patents, 5 high impact factor publications are included in the Thomson Reuter, Scopus database. Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Mining Sciences of Kazakhstan. The head of the scientific topic of the Federal Program of Finance and the leading researcher of a number of innovative projects on grant financing. In 2017, he was awarded the honorary badge "Excellent Mining Science" of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. He has a diploma from the Satbayev University for the training of highly qualified personnel.

Chairman of the Advisory Board at the Institute of Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering.  He is an expert on professional standards at the National Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (Astana, Kazakhstan). Active participant in international scientific conferences. 

cientific projects

Scientist in the field of technological machinery and equipment

Participation in scientific projects (last 3 years):

Project No. 757.Mon.GF.15.HM.1 “Development of a long-stroke balancing drive of rod-type borehole pumps based on serial pumping units” Senior Researcher 2015-2017

Project GF No. 2018 / AR05131236 “Modernization of mining and metallurgical equipment using innovative materials and drive schemes” 2018-2021, Leading Researcher PCF Project 2018 / BR 05235618 “Development and implementation of manufacturing technology for low-volume structures of mining drives and metallurgical machines from fiber-reinforced concrete” 2018-2021, project manager