Igor Rudenko
Affiliation: Scientific-Research Institute for Binders and Materials, Kyiv national university of construction and architecture
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Igor Rudenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences (Eng), Leading Researcher

Responsible executor of the state and international research projects, including investigations in compositions, structures and technologies of building materials for various functional purposes, based on traditional cements and alkaline-activated cements. Development of state standards and patents of Ukraine, technological regulations and technical recommendations, examination of raw materials and finished products, scientific and technical support and organization of laboratory and interlaboratory tests in EU and world-wide projects, cooperation with leading European producers of cements, dry mixes and admixtures for mortars and concretes in joint projects.

Author of more than 150 published papers, including special periodic national and foreign publications, co-author of one monograph (“Alkali-Activated Cements”), presentations at international congresses and conferences, co-development of state standards and patents of Ukraine. Active member of European programs HORIZON 2020, COST TU 1404, SARCOS COST Action CA 15202. The main scientific direction: expanding of alkali-activated (alkaline) cements application in building materials for different purposes by their modification with chemical admixtures.

Always open for cooperation.