Local Information

Registration and Accommodation

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The workshop will be held at Ramada Hotel in Gammarth, Tunisia. Gammarth is 20km north east of Tunis and 10km north of the archeological site of Carthage. The legendary Phoenician princess Dido founded Carthage (814 B.C) and the city possessed economic, cultural, and military power in the Mediterranean during Punic and Roman eras.

Princess Dido was talented in Mathematics. Nowadays, there is a mathematical problem named after her. Dido's problem has a fascinating and romantic legend.

Visa and Travel Information

To apply for visa to Tunisia, please contact the Embassy of Tunisia in your country to require about the procedure (contacts of Tunisian Embassies can be found here). You may need an invitation letter written by the Tunisian organization side of SCSS 2014. If it is the case, please contact Dr Mohamed-Bécha Kaâniche.

Please note that visa to Tunisia is not required for participants from several countries, among them Japan, Austria, France, Canada, Romania and Netherlands. Please contact Dr Mohamed-Bécha Kaâniche to check whether you need to apply for visa.

International Flights

The venue of SCSS 2014 is close to Tunis Carthage Airport (TUN). There are direct flights to the airport from several cities in Europe and the Middle East. If you're travelling from Eastern Asia or North America, you need to make a transit in a European city. For example, Narita - Paris - Tunis or Narita - Rome - Tunis are good alternatives for participants from Japan.

Local Transportation

Yellow metered taxis are available at the taxi rank in front of the exit door of the airport. From the airport, the transportation to the workshop venue costs 18TND in average (1000JPY, 9EUR ).