Stéphane Deharvengt
Affiliation: Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne - DSNA / DGAC
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My team leads the Integrated Management System (Safety, Compliance, and Security) of DSNA the French Air Navigation Service provider. We ensure reporting to the Board of Directors, organize respective methods and processes, and are the focal point for the Aviation Authority (DSAC), the Investigation Bureau (BEA) and the Cybersecurity Authority (ANSSI).

I am also co-chair of CANSO Europe Cybersecurity TF and former chair of Safety Directors group, member of FABEC Safety Committee as well as Regulatory Compliance group and Eurocontrol Safety Team.

My expertise was gained in developing, implementing and complying with regulations for Safety Management Systems (Airlines, MRO, ANSP), introducing Human Performance considerations (Cockpit and Cabin certification, Fatigue and duty time limitations, Over-the-shoulder observations during normal operations) and acting as lead auditor in internal and FABEC Safety and ISO9001 teams, certification specialist (Airbus A380) and research programs manager in aviation. I hold an Aviation Engineering degree, a PhD in ergonomy and associate of the Information Technology Sovereignty & Cybersecurity Session (IHEDN).

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