MatER Study Center organises its 3rd Meeting on Innovation and Trends in Waste Management. The event arises from the fundamental goal of MatER, that is providing a thorough, objective representation of technologies and policies for material and energy recovery from waste, thereby contributing to move toward sustainable waste management. The Meeting aims at being an update on latest trends in Sustainable Waste Management, dealing with regulatory, strategic and technical-scientific aspects.

The event is organised with the scientific support of DICA (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano.


The two-days meeting will comprise 4 sessions on the following topics:

Session 1 - Strategies and perceptions on waste management

Waste management lies at a crucial interconnection between Science, Technology, Sociology and Economy. Not only does waste require Science and Technology for proper management, but also strategies and behaviors that can adequately handle its impact, promote its use as a resource and give evidence to values and costs. This session focuses on the latest developments in the interdisciplinary, unconventional area aimed at accomplishing a positive vision of waste. For which the capability of communicating what are the real issues at stake has become an overwhelming requirement.

Session 2 - Closing the loop: potentiality and critical issues

This session will focus on the potentiality of circular economy in reducing the environmental impacts associated  with waste management and in increasing the efficient use of resources, through reuse and recycling. At the same time, the critical issues of this approach will be analysed, such as the quality of recycled materials and their actual use in the market, the data availability for the calculation of reuse and recycling targets, and the implementation of effective prevention strategies.

Session 3 - Processes and technologies for energy recovery

This track covers both state-of-the-art energy recovery from waste, and the most recent trends of the sector. Case studies, innovative technologies and scientific studies will be presented. The themes of energy efficiency, environmental and economic sustainability of waste to energy technologies will be discussed also in the light of the next changes in the normative framework (e.g. the revision of the Bref WI).

Session 4 - Processes and technologies for material recovery

This session will be devoted to processes and technologies for material recovery from waste, with a focus on emerging critical issues, and on generation and management of process residues. Focus is on materials from separate collection, organic fractions intended for material recovery and residues from energy recovery treatments (e.g. bottom and fly ash of incineration plants)

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