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09:00-13:00 Session 8A

Section 6. Computational Intelligence

Access code: KhPIWeek

Controlled Flight Model of Hybrid Multicopter for Computer Implementation

ABSTRACT. Among modern unmanned aerial vehicles, a special place is taken by hybrid multicopters, in structure of which gasoline engines are used along with electric motors to create the lifting force. Hybrid multicopters can carry a larger load for a longer time. The dynamics and control of such rotorcrafts are significantly complicated due to the combination of more powerful engine with less powerful ones, including the variability of inertial characteristics during the flight. The very limited practical experience in exploitation of such devices is the motivation for the research and development in this area. In the paper it is considered a helicopter-type multicopter with five electric motors (four plus one on the tail) and gasoline engine in a center. A mathematical description of the vehicle dynamics and kinematics is developed for the purpose of a controlled flight computer simulation. The description is counted all internal dynamic factors and is given simultaneously with respect to the inertial and body frames that simplifies the solution of the flight control problem as much as possible. For the latter, a multi-loop motion control scheme is developed. The algorithms are based on the decomposition of the problem under the conditions of typical motion modes and the modal control method, which provides the desired quality of transitional processes. An all-purpose mechanism for the interaction of control algorithms for each engine is described. A typical flight program is simulated, and includes increase in flight altitude, yaw change, heading to and landing under the designated hover point. Simulation results confirmed the efficiency of the developed algorithms and determined the directions for further research. The results in the form of a mathematical model, decomposition methods and specific algorithms can be used in the process of designing a hybrid multicopter control system.

Estimating the Efficiency of Using the Modified UMAC Algorithm

ABSTRACT. a complex indicator of the efficiency of the modified UMAC algorithm has been developed. As a method of evaluation, it is proposed to use the method of multivariate complex analysis. For this, scales for measuring and interpreting each indicator were developed. It has been proven that this method of evaluation allows one to obtain sufficiently adequate results and combine them with the results of accurate calculations for individual parameters. The values obtained in the calculation of the generalized estimate mathematically substantiated that the most preferable crypto algorithm for creating a pseudo-random addition (Pad) are detrimental codes (DC)

Approximation of the objective functional in a partially defined optimization problem

ABSTRACT. The reliable operation of today’s complex technical systems often relies on remote software solutions for predicting their performance. To solve these tasks, client-server architectures, based on the database server, used to store the obtained data, as well as server-based data analyzers are taken advantage of. Due to the increasing complexity of tasks of diagnosing the state of complex technical systems, associated with the generation of higher volumes of data for assessing the current state of the diagnostic objects, the use of classical relational storage resulted in a significant increase in the requirements for cluster architectures. With the increasing use of technological solutions based on the “Big Data” architecture, there is a contradiction associated with the need to store large amounts of unstructured data for further structuring by methods of database schema development. The mission of Data Mining is the implementation of search operations applied to the laws of behavior and overall functioning of the system under study, consisting of numerical data. An obligatory condition that arises when using Data Mining methodologies is to interpret the resulting patterns formed as a consequence of determining the practical utility of the data. In this regard, there is a need to develop a method for optimizing large amounts of data, especially in partially defined tasks, allowing the distribution of the readings of the state of complex technical systems. Thus, the paper considers the problem of objective function approximation by the linear functional in a partially defined optimization problem, when the objective function is partially defined by comparing its values on some set of vectors from the acceptance region. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of the approximating linear functional and the method of recovery of its coefficients through a linear correction procedure are formulated.

Information technology for service level assessment of distribution logistics system based on multi-agent modeling

ABSTRACT. The subject of the study is the process of modeling of distribution logistics system using multi-agent systems. The purpose of this work is to develop an information technology for modeling the level of service for a given configuration of a logistics channel. The logistics system consists of two types of business processes: transportation of finished products, storage of finished products. The topology of the agent system is analyzed and studied, and the type of agents of the logistics system is formalized. Agents are described. The method of modeling the logistics system is considered. To achieve the set goals, information system that consists of two nodes (client - server) has been developed. The results of the research are presented in the form of a graph of changes of service level for different variants of the configuration of the logistics distribution system based on the following parameters: laws of demand distribution, unidirectional acyclic graph of the logistics system. The further use of the obtained results is connected with the determination of the level of stability of the service in various emergency situations. The obtained results are the basis for the formation of the organizational structure of the management of the logistics and distribution system

Impact of Stemming on Efficiency of Messages Likelihood Definition in Telegram Newsfeeds

ABSTRACT. The work is dedicated to the development of the system to define the credibility of text messages posted in Telegram newsfeeds. The topicality of the work is stipulated by the concentration of information and its ability to influence shaping of the social opinions on the state relations and political moods via newsfeeds in messengers and social networks, the number of which is constantly growing and supported by bots and biased authors. The proposed system functions on the basis of coordination of text parsing, text processing, database with messages from the official sources of information, and the client (author) database. The degree of similarity of the generated text messages is determined on the basis of defining Damerau–Levenshtein distance in the Text Processing Module. The work shows it is possible to increase the efficiency (up to 1,44 times for messages of around 1500 symbols) of the given module performance through incoming messages stemming at the preprocessing stage because this enables to reduce the computational complexity of Damerau–Levenshtein method at the expense of word shortening to their stem via neglecting auxiliary parts such as suffixes and endings. Thus, stemming helps to reduce the amount of symbols to be processed at the very stage of Damerau–Levenshtein algorithm application, which proves feasibily of applying stemming in the preprocessing block.

Biologically Inspired Cell Structure Model on Resource Cellular Automata

ABSTRACT. The concept of resource cellular automata is proposed, implementation options are considered, a functioning model is presented and further development paths are outlined. The expected application of the results of modeling is associated with the maintenance of the optimal modes of the functioning of systems, which include wildlife objects.


ABSTRACT. In pattern recognition, depending on how the training sample is represented, a theory associated with the standard representation of the training sample (information) and the structural theory are distinguished. In the first case it is convenient to set and describe objects that are independent of each other, objects that have a rigid, static nature. In the second case, when information is specified in a structural way, it is convenient to study, describe and recognize objects whose basis presents an invariable internal or external structure. This paper considers a fundamentally different case of setting learning information. It deals with objects and processes that are based on conflict. Such features are peculiar to the data sets that an unmanned vehicle receives while driving, which requires minute-by-minute formation and decision-making in the context of the current traffic situation. Naturally, it is necessary to involve game-theoretic models to describe conflicts. It is these issues, i.e., the systematic study of game-theoretic models in the problems of recognition and classification, that the work is devoted to. It is emphasized that the classification of recognizable objects, as some speculative system, must meet the requirements of sufficiency of grounds and coverage of the totality of existing and possible recognizable objects. The most important purpose of classification is to describe the properties of its classes and subclasses, types and subspecies of recognized objects, which makes it possible for it to be used for recognizing specific objects, which subjects encounter in certain areas of activity. The paper introduces the concept of stable classification, formulates and proves the theorems based on the introduced concept, the sufficiency of the conditions for the correctness of the algorithm of pattern recognition, using the game-theoretic approach and evaluation of the degree of stability of the classification underlying it. The generated theorems allow the most optimal synthesis of algorithms for constructing a regular mapping and a matched continuation family, which, in turn, makes it possible for us to take into account the relationships in the training sample written in the form of a game-theoretic training model.

Application of Cost-Effective Acoustic Intelligence to Protect Critical Facilities from Drone Attacks

ABSTRACT. Unauthorized use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveillance of important objects, carrying out terrorist attacks and sabotage, throwing prohibited objects (weapons, drugs) has updated the search for cost-effective and technically feasible solutions to counter UAVs. An analysis of materials on this topic showed that the effectiveness of defeating all types of UAVs by existing means of air defense and electronic warfare is quite high. However, the problem of countering small UAVs, based on the experience of the war in Ukraine, is not resolved. The purpose of the article is to analyze the UAV, as an object of detection and countermeasures, using acoustic means of airspace control with minimal economic costs. The article presents the results of the analysis of the UAV as an object of detection and the issuance of target designations by means of acoustic observation.

Computer Vision System for Determining the Reference Points

ABSTRACT. The stages of development and implementation of neural network methods for visual determination of the reference points coordinates of a specific technical object are considered. Publicly available information about artificial neural networks and computer vision is analyzed. The description of the proposed intellectual system is carried out, questions of data markup, as well as an artificial increase in their number, are raised.

Simulation mathematical modeling of radar signals with a low probability of their unauthorized reception

ABSTRACT. A technique and software for modeling radar signals with a low probability of their unauthorized reception at the input of the monitoring tool receiver are presented. The technique is illustrated by the formation of a signal model based on the Costas sequence. The methodology and software are designed to develop methods and algorithms: detection, measurement of parameters, recognition of radio emissions of radio electronic equipment, recognition of radio electronic equipment

Calculation of signal information delay in intelligent communication networks

ABSTRACT. An analysis of the signaling systems used in the Intelligent Communication Network has been carried out. The main probabilistic characteristics of signal information delay are determined. A method for calculating these characteristics for such error correction methods is proposed: basic error control method and preventive cyclical control method. The analysis of the delay of signal units from loading the signal network is carried out. Simple formulas are proposed for approximating the load applied to the signaling link.

Research of Methods of Identifying the Computer Systems State based on Bagging Classifiers

ABSTRACT. Peculiarities of constructing ensemble bagging classifiers for identifying the state of a computer system under conditions of noisy data are studied. Decision trees and multilayer perceptron were used as basic classifiers. It was found that the accuracy of the bagging algorithm with decision trees as basic classifiers with standard settings ranges from 84.4% to 88.7%. The use of Bootstrap algorithms for the formation of data samples: Pasting, Bootstrapping, Random Subspace, Random Patches Ensemble and the selection of the number of basic classifiers in the ensemble made it possible to increase the classification accuracy to 90.2%. The following parameters were added to improve the accuracy of bagging classifiers based on the multilayer perceptron: the algorithm for forming data samples, the number of basic classifiers in the ensemble, the function of optimizing the neural network, the function of activating hidden layer, size of hidden layers. The recommendation was made to choose the value of the analyzed parameters for the creation of bagging ensembles with multilayer perceptrons, which made it possible to increase the accuracy of computer system identification up to 92.2%. The obtained results have further practical significance and can be used in improving the methods of identifying the state of computer systems.

Neural Network Controller of Flow through a Butterfly Valve

ABSTRACT. The article is devoted to the issue of constructing a fuzzy classifier, with the help of which the approximation of real data sets is carried out for the construction of a neuroregulator for the controlled temperature of working solutions of the technological process of pickling rolled metal. The relevance of the topic is to improve the energy efficiency of technological pickling for the metallurgical industry. The development of a technique for constructing a neuroregulator for the temperature of a pickling solution with a given control accuracy is the main task of the work. The results of modeling the characteristics and approbation of the neuroregulator showed a reduction in the consumption of thermal energy by the technological process by 8%. With appropriate adaptation of the model, it is possible to use the neuroregulator in the field of public utilities, at chemical enterprises.

Method of Diagnostic Parameters Analysis and Software Features

ABSTRACT. The article considers issues of building intelligent software for analyzing parameters of evoked potentials during stimulation electromyography to diagnose and monitor the dynamics of some neuromuscular system diseases in the process of adaptive therapeutic electrostimulation.

09:00-13:00 Session 8B

Section 5. Micro- & Nanotechnology

Access code: KhPIWeek

Features of Diffusion Doping and Boron Gettering of Silicon p-i-n Photodiodes

ABSTRACT. Boron diffusion was studied in the manufacture of four-element silicon p-i-n photodiodes with a guard ring using planar technology. Substrate gettering by means of boron diffusion in the opposite direction of plates from planar sources has been studied. The dependence of the surface resistance and the depth of the p+-p-junction on the duration of the diffusion process has been established. Optimal diffusion regimes have been determined to obtain the minimum dark currents and maximum responsivity due to the gettering of generation-recombination centers and the restoration of the time of minor charge carriers. The transmission spectra of wafers with different surface resistances and p+-p-junction depths have been studied to ensure the maximum efficiency of reflection of the gold layer from the rear side of the substrate. Surface defect formation during boron diffusion has been studied.

Design And Researching Conductive Hybrid Biopolymer Nanocomposite Materials For Micro- And Nanoelectronics

ABSTRACT. In this article, new сonductive hybrid biopolymer nanocomposites based on polylactid and humic substances were developed and studied. It has been established that humic substances, which were obtained from brown coals by extraction method, are characterized by nano dispersion in the range of 52-380 nm. It was found that due to the presence of a large number of active functional groups on the surface of such nanoparticles of humic substances is a hybrid modification of polylactid by the mechanism of template synthesis, which is accompanied by an increase in the degree of crystallization and the formation of a more rigid polymer structure, which allows to obtain hybrid biopolymer nanocomposites with significant impact strength and breaking stress during bending. It was also found that the obtained hybrid biopolymer nanocomposites based on polylactid and humic substances are characterized by levels at the value of resistance from 25 to 31 Ω sq−1. It is concluded that the designed hybrid biopolymer nanocomposites based on polylactide and humic substances in terms of their strength properties and complex of spectral-electrical characteristics are a promising basis for obtaining polymer matrices and materials for micro- and nanoelectronics.

A new method for investigating the kinetics of acoustically induced processes in semiconductors with pulsed ultrasound loading

ABSTRACT. The use of pulsed ultrasound loading for dynamic modification of current flow processes in semiconductor materials was considered. It was shown that the revealed features of time, temperature, amplitude, and frequency characteristics of the acoustoconductivity open new methodical possibilities for studying the defective structure of semiconductors.

A Beam-Split and Gain Enhanced Metamaterial with patch antenna using Superstrates

ABSTRACT. The purpose is to increase the antenna gain while reducing the size to add super-substrate technology to improve the gain with multiband: manipulating this hybrid metasurface configuration can create obverse currents on the unit cell, thus splitting the beam. The hybrid metasurface superstrate and antenna are fabricated on Taconic FR-30. The results show that the antenna resonates well at 2.6 GHz, 4.2 GHz and 5.6 GHz with -16.8 dB, -12.3 and -30.6 reflection coefficients. The arrangement of the U- shape on the first substrate metasurface can split the current, and thus the radiation pattern beam is divided into two beams.

Layer-by-layer synthesis and analysis of the the phase composition of CdxTeyOz/CdS/por-ZnO/ZnO heterostructure

ABSTRACT. CdxTeyOz/CdS/por-ZnO/ZnO heterostructures were synthesized using a combination of electrochemical etching followed by the ion layer adsorption and reaction method (SILAR). Electrochemical etching was applied to form a porous ZnO layer. Chemical deposition from the electrolyte solution was carried out to form CdS and CdxTeyOz films. The phase composition of the obtained heterostructures was characterized using XRD and Raman methods. We have demonstrated that the CdxTeyOz film consists of different phase configurations, depending on the concentration of each element. The extreme cases are the formation of CdxOz and TeyOz. Furthermore, the formation of complex CdTeO3 CdTe3O8 oxides is observed. Such structures have prospects for wide application in electronic devices due to the ability to adjust the phase and component composition

3D AlxGa1-xAs/por-GaAs/GaAs heterostructures for solar cells

ABSTRACT. We report the growth of AlxGa1-xAs layers on gallium arsenide. First, GaAs was electrochemically etched in a hydrochloric acid solution to form a porous layer. ‘Desert Rose Stone’-like nanocrystallites AlxGa1-xAs of cubic syngony, consisting of Al0.71Ga0.29As, AlAs, and GaAs, were grown on the surface of porous gallium arsenide by electrochemical deposition. The ability to grow 3D nanostructures on gallium arsenide with a low interfacial density has a major potential impact on the complex semiconductor industry for solar power

Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Flow in Draft Tube with Ribs
PRESENTER: Yuriy Bykov

ABSTRACT. Unsteady flow in the draft tube of hydraulic machines is a dangerous phenomenon that can lead to destruction of the structure. The most serious is precession of vortex rope, which usually occurs at partial load modes, and significantly limits the operating range. In order to determine the level of such pulsations and the influence of presence of ribs inside the draft tube, a numerical simulation of unsteady flow in the model of the draft tube of the Francis pump-turbine of the Dniester HPP in turbine mode was carried out. Selection of the most suitable turbulence model was made based on a comparison of calculation data and data obtained as a result of experimental studies. The comparison was made both for values of total pulsation amplitude on surface of the tube diffuser, and for the frequency-amplitude characteristics, which show a satisfactory correspondence in frequency, but a significant difference in amplitude. Using flow data in experimentally determining modes, a simulation of flow in the draft tube with ribs installed in the vertical diffuser and designed to reduce the level of pressure pulsations at partial loads, was carried out. As a result of the analysis of received data, the optimal size of additional elements was determined.

Design And Research Polymer Composites For Absorption Of Electromagnetic Radiation

ABSTRACT. In this article, new polymer composites for absorption of electromagnetic radiation based on thermoplastic polymer and silicon carbide were designed and studied. Literature review on the production of modern materials and composites to create effective materials for electromagnetic radiation absorption was made. Polymer composites based on polyamide 6 and silicon carbide at different contents of the inorganic part were received. It is shown that the optimal content of silicon carbide in the developed polymer composites in terms of their strength characteristics is 5% of the mass. As part of the designed polymer composites studying on an automated scalar analyzer of the P2-65 spectrum in the frequency range 26-37.5 GHz, it was determined that their spectrum of the transmission coefficient T is relatively the same in the entire frequency range, and the obtained standing wave ratio values indicate a fairly large reflection coefficient Γ for developed polymer composites. It is also noted that the calculated reflection coefficient Γ of polymer composites based on polyamide 6 and with 5 wt% silicon carbide indicates a fairly high value of dielectric constant.

Graphite and graphene nano-films: phonons localization and propagation

ABSTRACT. The nature of flexural rigidity of graphene monolayers and a formation of the quasi-flexural modes in a graphite and the graphene nano-films is explained. It is shown, that in the major part of the band of quasi-continuous spectrum, quasi-flexural modes do not practically couple with the modes polarized in the plane of the layer. The frequencies of propagone zone are determined for the phonons with various polarizations. The existence of high-frequency propagation zone is demonstrated for quasi-flexural phonons. The conditions for a formation of quasi-local vibrations and boson peaks are analyzed for modes with different polarization. The conditions for the formation of the quasi-local vibrations and boson peaks in the modes of different polarization are analyzed.

The influence of electron irradiation on the output parameters and light diode characteristics of film SCs based on cadmium telluride

ABSTRACT. The effect of electron radiation with a 75 keV beam energy on the stability of output and light diode parameters of solar cells based on cadmium telluride was studied. Two types of solar cells were considered, which differed by the cadmium telluride layer obtaining method: vacuum thermal evaporation or condensation in quasi-closed volume. It is shown that solar cells with a more structurally perfect layer of cadmium telluride, manufactured using the hot wall method, lose more efficiency. The main reason for the loss of efficiency for them is a decrease in the value of the photocurrent. After the irradiation influence for solar cells made by the vacuum thermal evaporation method, the efficiency does not decrease significantly. The modeling of the quantitative influence of the light diode characteristics on the efficiency made it possible to propose physical mechanisms of the evolution of the defective subsystem in the cadmium telluride layer after the electron irradiation influence, which could explain the observed changes in the diode and output parameters.

Computation of the parameters of single- and double-layer anti-reflective coatings for their effective use

ABSTRACT. Results of calculations of the spectral dependences of the light reflection coefficient for glass surfaces with one- and two-layer coatings are presented. The conditions for effective elimination of light reflection in visible spectral range for a wide range of incidence angles (from 0o to 60o) have been determined. A double-layer coating with refractive indices n1 = 1.1 and n2 = 1.356 on glass surfaces with a refractive index ns = 1.52 was recommended as effective. The possibility of creating anti-reflective coatings for s- and p-polarization components of incident light was investigated.

Dynamic Deformation of Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotubes-Reinforced Composite Joined Spherical-Cylindrical-Spherical Shell

ABSTRACT. Deformation of functionally graded carbon nanotubes reinforced composite joined spherical-cylindrical-spherical shell under the actions of impact loads is considered. The dynamic of this structure is analyzed numerically. Higher-order shear deformation theory is applied to describe the structure stress-strain state. The continuity conditions of the spherical-cylinder junction are implemented. The displacements projections are chosen in the special form to satisfy these continuity conditions. A nanocomposite material is selected in order to ensure its maximum strength at minimum weight of the joined shell.

Planar GaAs-InGaAs Heterostructure for Generation in Long Wave Part of Terahertz Range

ABSTRACT. Abstract—The article focuses on planar GaAs-InGaAs–based heterostructures on high frequency generation in low wave part of terahertz range. Diodes represent GaAs canal placed on a semi-insulating substrate with two contacts and InGaAs active side boundary in the form of a semiconductor structure which is located between the channel and metal electrode and connected to the ohmic contact of the anode. For simulation of diode. Ensemble Monte Carlo method is used. Direct current and high-frequency characteristics of diode are obtained. The existing current instability in both canal and back side element are demonstrated. Addition of an active side element is to expand maximal generation frequency up to 300 GHz in fundamental mode. Keywords—diode, active side boundaries, electric field, current instability, oscillation frequency, generation efficienc

Graded Band InGaN- Based Diode as Element of Active Noise Load in Terahertz Range

ABSTRACT. Development of terahertz systems for different application needs to obtain active elements to operate in terahertz range. The problem is to create of active element for their usage in active electronic load for radiometric calibration. The graded gap III-nitride based diode length 1 μm is considered. Transport processes impacting on noise property of diode are investigated in detail. Noise parameters deduced from the Monte Carlo simulation for diode with various distribution of impurities are obtained at 300 and 77 К and at the low end of the THz spectrum, up to 500 GHz. Voltage control noise generation is demonstrated. Possibility of diode application in electronic loads for radiometric calibration is discussed.

Segment Concentrator For Combined Photoenergy Stations Based On Gallium Arsenide

ABSTRACT. The work presents an economical design of a solar radiation concentrator with the possibility of obtaining up to a 300-fold concentration coefficient. Conducted assessments of the possibilities of generating electrical energy for a combined photovoltaic installation using such a concentrator show that it will competitive in comparison with conventional solar cells

Modelling Nanoscale Surface Treatment and Evaluation of the Relationship of Roughness and Implantation Characteristics

ABSTRACT. The paper presents the results of the computer modelling of nanoscale surface properties and investigations the dependence of roughness on the thickness of the film applied during titanium nitrogen implantation into stainless steel. The surface was analyzed with optical microscopy. The implantation parameters were simulated using the RIO software. The correlation between the height of the surface layer and the thickness of the applied film was revealed.

Temperature Dependences of the Galvanomagnetic Properties of p-Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric and Topological Insulator with Selenium Impurity

ABSTRACT. Thermoelectric (TE) energy converters are widely used in modern science and technology, and areas of their application are being expanded. The Bi2(Te1-хSeх)3 alloys are known as promising materials for TE cooling devices. Recently, interest in studying these materials has grown sharply due to the experimental evidence of their exhibiting special properties characteristic of 3D-topological insulators. Among the important characteristics determining TE efficiency and topological properties are the concentration and mobility of charge carriers. Thus, studying the galvanomagnetic properties of these materials is of great importance. The purpose of this work was to establish the effect of Te → Se substitution on the temperature dependences of the galvanomagnetic properties of Bi2Te3 polycrystals. We measured the dependences of the Hall coefficient, electrical conductivity, and magnetoresistance on magnetic field (B = 0.01–1.0 T) and temperature (80-295 K) for Bi2(Te0.9Se0.1)3 polycrystal. We determined the boundary between a weak and strong magnetic fields. At 295 K, the studied polycrystal preserved p-type conductivity in the entire range of magnetic fields, but at 80 K, when magnetic field increased to B = 0.1 T, an inversion of the conductivity type from p to n took place. The temperature dependences of the galvanomagnetic properties of the Bi2(Te0.9Se0.1)3 polycrystal exhibited more complex behavior as compared to Bi2Te3, and in a strong magnetic field, an inversion of the conductivity type was registered. We attribute the observed effects to a complex defect structure of Bi2(Te0.9 Se0.1)3 determined by the presence of charged defects of various types.

Effect of Long-Term Aging on Thermoelectric Properties of Tin Telluride Based Semiconductor Solid Solutions

ABSTRACT. At present, with ever-increasing energy consumption, there is a significant interest in research and practical applications in the field of direct thermoelectric (TE) conversion of thermal energy into electrical one. An important property of TE generators and refrigerators from a practical point of view is their lifetime, which largely depends on the material used in a converter. The object of this study is solid solutions (SnTe)100-x(In2Te3)x (x = 0 – 8) based on tin telluride SnTe, into which In2Te3 was introduced. After synthesizing polycrystals and measuring their properties (microhardness H, Seebeck coefficient S, electrical conductivity σ and TE power factor P = S2∙σ), we kept them at room temperature in air without a special protective coating for 20 years. After measuring their properties after the long-term aging, we found that the general behavior of the H(x), S(x), σ(x), and P(x) dependences (specifically, an increase in H, S, P and a decrease in σ with increasing x) did not change. However, the long-term aging led to a more distinct manifestation of percolation effects accompanying the transition to heavy doping, as well as the processes associated with the formation of complexes in a solid solution. As a result, the composition dependences of mechanical and TE properties acquired an oscillatory character, but their monotonic component almost coincided with the dependences measured before the aging.

Peculiarities of formation of clathrate and percolation structures in model systems C60 - Bi and Bi -Sb

ABSTRACT. The processes and conditions of formation of materials with specific structure of impurity subsystem have been investigated on the basis of model systems C60 - Bi and Bi-Sb. It is established that in classical Bi-Sb system, traditionally characterized as a system of continuous solid solutions, at low concentrations of impurity, atypical structures are formed, characterized by the formation of impurity percolation channels, and thus by the formation of peculiar composite of matrix of basic component and three-dimensional impurity frame. By the example of the C60 - Bi system it is shown that the formation of clathrate structures, in which the impurity sub-system forms its own sub-lattice, not inherent to the given substance in pure form, is most probable under the conditions of ion implantation of the impurity in the preformed fullerite matrix. While under the conditions of joint condensation of the components the condensation stimulated diffusion processes lead to the formation of a two-phase metal fullerene composite.

14:00-18:00 Session 9

Section 6. Computational Intelligence

Access code: KhPIWeek

Simulation Modelling of the Process of Birds Fly into the Turbojet Aircraft Engine Fan to Determine Most Dangerous Cases in Terms of Blade Strength

ABSTRACT. The paper considers an approach to numerical simulation of bird strike on the fan blades of an aircraft dual-flow turbojet engine. The purpose of such simulation modelling is determining the most critical cases of bird impact from the strength viewpoint of the blade apparatus. These cases are determined by the Airworthiness Standards for aircraft engines, which must be met for all of their designed components. However, only some of them are the most critical and subject to in-depth verification. To identify such cases, finite-element modelling using explicit dynamics methods is applied. The choice of the most critical case from the strength viewpoint of the blades is made between two variants simulating a flock of medium-size birds or a single big bird with given sets of parameters (mass, sizes, speed, angle) with the rotating fan wheel. The model of the fan impeller is used as a circular assembly of the sector of fan blades on a model disk with a hydrodynamic model of a single big bird or a flock of medium-size birds with discretization by the SPH method. A feature of the proposed approach is an algorithmic solution for damping parasitic oscillations of the blades that occur during the instantaneous application of the angular speed. The distributions of the main parameters of the stress-strain state of the blades depending on time are obtained. This data is an informative simulation of process dynamics. They allow assessing the possibility of failure of the material of the blades and the overall bird resistance of the structure. These virtual experiments make it possible to conclusively narrow the number of tested parameter sets for a given design class in compliance with the Airworthiness Standards. The proposed computational models and algorithmic schemes for carrying out numerical analyzes are verified according to the data of bench experiments. The use of such computational analysis tools makes it possible at the design stage to reduce the time and resources spent by reducing the number of bench experiments required for certification.

The concept of a deepfake detection system of biometric image modifications based on neural networks

ABSTRACT. The concept of a system for detecting deepfake modifications biometric images is proposed. The concept is deployed on the basis of the functioning of a convolutional neural network and the algorithm of the biometric image classifier according to the structure "sensitivity-Youden's index-optimal threshold-specificity".

Application Architecture For Obtaining Data From Scientometric Databases

ABSTRACT. Scient metric data from bibliographic and reference databases with a limited user interface are used to analyze the effectiveness of the scientific staff, educational and educational institutions in the field of science. Automation of the process of obtaining the author's scient metric indicators from bibliographic and reference databases through a limited user interface could accelerate the creation of a picture of the scient metric activity of the institution's employees. The main goal of quickly obtaining the author's scient metric indicators from bibliographic and abstract databases through a limited user interface is a significant saving of human resources during the manual analysis of these data. Also in this case, the possibility of errors during manual data collection is minimized. Data collection can be done in a variety of ways and means. Among those considered in the article: data parsing, receiving data through the application program interface and receiving data through third-party software solutions supplied by companies. The paper considers approaches to obtaining and processing these data.

Simulation Model of Data Consistency Protocol for Multicloud Systems

ABSTRACT. The development of multi-cloud systems with an acceptable level of service delays that significantly affect the quality of the end-users experience is an open research problem, for which simulation is successfully used. This paper proposes a simulation model in Matlab for estimating the time to write data updates initiated by the end-users to the databases of all cloud service providers for a multi-cloud system with a geo-distributed middleware that implements, as an example, the VIP-grab data consistency protocol. The simulation results indicate that our model can be useful in choosing a data consistency protocol that influences the architecture of a multicloud system.

Computerization of the process of reconstruction of damaged or destroyed real estate

ABSTRACT. The necessity of works aimed at the development of a computerized info-communication system to support the owners of damaged or destroyed buildings and structures in the process of its restoration is shown. The interaction of the system with the outdoor environment is described. The needs of experts, performing construction and technical expertise for various purposes, for means of acquiring reliable information about the character of destruction of buildings, properties and infrastructure objects, which have been and are still being damaged in almost all regions of the country, were elucidated. The possibilities of modern unmanned aerial vehicles in solving the problem of providing experts with the necessary photo and video materials were investigated. The basic requirements for the info-communication system to be developed have been determined. The architecture of the system, capable of manipulating large volumes of visual information concerning buildings and structures which experienced destruction and damage as a result of off-project effects caused by military operations, is proposed. The purpose and specifics of high-load systems are described. The possibility of providing the information used by experts to form expert conclusions on request of users is taken into account.

The Technique for Detecting Zones of Interest in Satellites and Drones RGB Imagery

ABSTRACT. It is proposed to develop the technique for detecting zones of interest in satellites and drones RGB imagery. The proposed the technique for detecting zones of interest in color imagery consists in the consistent use of one of the known methods for extracting edges and applying the method of searching for analytically specified primitives. The Scharr operator was chosen to detecting the edges in the imagery. The Radon transform was chosen to search for analytically specified primitives. The drone RBG imagery were processed by this technique. A visual and quantitative assessment of the quality of the technique for detecting zones of interest in satellites and drones RGB imagery was carried out. To assess the visual quality, images are presented with the results of the technique overlaid on the input imagery. To assess the quantitative indicator of the technique performance, the quality indicator of the technique for detecting zones of interest was calculated.

Application of deep neural network for real-time voice command recognition

ABSTRACT. The article proposes a method for voice command recognition in real time mode using a deep neural network. Pre-processing of the sound signal is used for further recognition. The evaluation of the recognition efficiency is carried out by means of a comparative analysis, the results of experimental studies demonstrate the features of the proposed method.

Adaptation of the Tandem Running Algorithm to Control a Robot Swarm

ABSTRACT. In the work the prospects for using the tandem running algorithm to control a robot swarm is studied. The main advantages and disadvantages of the tandem running algorithm were highlighted, which determine the potential scope of its application. With the help of computer simulations, it was proved that the tandem running algorithm, although it is inferior in speed to the adaptive ant algorithm, allows information to be spread among all members of the swarm. It is shown that the algorithm of tandem running is most expedient to use in the case of the need to mobilize a small number of robots that have to carry out a small number of raids.

Special methods of increasing the accuracy of computer calculations

ABSTRACT. The study of the problem of numerical stability in the calculation of two well-known examples gained further development. The authors demonstrated how the joint use of traditional mathematical methods of increasing the accuracy of calculations together with the methods of special Python libraries allow in a simple way to significantly increase the accuracy of computer calculations in cases where numerical stability is of a fundamental nature.

Development of A Surveillance System to Detect Forest Fire and Smoke Using Deep Neural Networks

ABSTRACT. Forest fires are a major environmental hazard, causing economic, ecological, and human harm. Forest fires are natural flames that occur in forests, shrubs, and grasslands. Wildfires are usually caused by lightning or human error and occur during dry hot summers. Predicting such an environmental issue is crucial to reducing the threat. WSN is one of the innovative technologies and approaches developed to anticipate and detect forest fires. The accuracy of such fire detection technologies ranges from 80% to 91%. In this work, deep learning identification systems based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) namely VGG16 and Mobile Net via Teachable Machine are presented to automatically detect fire in its early phases. Fire, No Fire, Smoke, and Smoke Fire are the four classes of images of forest fires identified in this work. With 98.5% accuracy on the Fire Image dataset, Mobile Net via Teachable machine outperforms the literature when it comes to predicting the fire.

Development of a Distributed Wireless Vibration Measurement and Monitoring System

ABSTRACT. The subject of research in the article is vibrations that occur during the operation of various rotating machines. When monitoring the condition of such machines, it is necessary to obtain data on the vibrations of various parts, which requires the installation of sensors directly near these parts of the machine in such a way as not to interfere with its functioning. But, wire connections for transmitting signals are usually long, heavy and prone to various damages and interferences during the operation of the machine. The purpose of the article is to develop a vibration monitoring system and algorithms for its operation, which is based on wireless vibration measurement modules that do not have problems with the presence of wired connections, and is freely scalable to a different number of modules. Tasks to be solved: the monitoring system should consist of interchangeable modules that have small dimensions and consist of a minimum number of components. As a result, the cost and power consumption of such a module is also insignificant. The data coming from each module must be stored in the database for further processing that will show the state of the object. Applied methods: theory of algorithms, Fourier transform, natural series, microcontroller programming. Obtained results: a system and a wireless module have been developed that can be used to monitor the vibrations of rotating parts of electric machines. The system is easily scalable, the received data after processing allows to determine the condition and malfunctions of the rotating parts of the electric machine. The use of wireless transmission channels, in turn, allows you to reduce the dimensions of the modules and simplify the process of their installation on the machine, as well as simplify the condition monitoring system as a whole. The wireless module and the monitoring system based on it can be used to determine the state of parts of electric machines rotating at frequencies up to 500Hz. The conducted tests showed that the developed system allows to determine malfunctions of parts of the electric machine, has low complexity and can be easily scaled.