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08:45-09:30 Session 10: Plenary Talk - Jerome Faist
Phonon-polariton lasers: optical and Raman emission (Plenary Talk)

ABSTRACT. To be determined.

09:30-10:30 Session 11: Frequency Combs 1
Quantum cascade lasers frequency combs at Terahertz frequencies
PRESENTER: Katia Garrasi

ABSTRACT. We report on the development of fully phase-stabilized THz QCL optical frequency combs (FC) showing record dynamic range. By implementing an on-chip GTI, tightly coupled with the FC QCL cavity, we achieve wide dispersion compensation regions, where stable and narrow single intermode beatnotes extend over an operation range broader than that of the bare FC QCL. Independent and simultaneous control of the carrier offset frequency and repetition rate is demonstrated.

Modelling the intra-cavity dynamics behind phase locking of quantum cascade laser frequency combs
PRESENTER: Nikola Opačak

ABSTRACT. A model based on Maxwell-Bloch equations was developed in order to study phase locking dynamics of a free running mid-infrared QCL frequency comb. A thorough study of the impact of the dispersion and optical nonlinearities on the cavity mode dynamics was conducted. Recent experimental findings were reproduced for the first time, giving important insight into the governing mechanisms.

Microelectromechanical control of the state of quantum cascade laser frequency combs
PRESENTER: David Burghoff

ABSTRACT. Quantum cascade laser frequency combs have substantial potential in sensing. We show that by blending them with microelectromechanical comb drives, one can directly manipulate the dynamics of the laser and fully control the comb state.

Frequency comb generation in ring injection lasers by defect engineering
PRESENTER: Dmitry Kazakov

ABSTRACT. We demonstrate fundamental and harmonic frequency combs in monolithic ring quantum cascade lasers. We show by experiments and simulations that embedding defects in the waveguide is the key to control comb formation in these cavities.

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break

Location: Anacapa 5-8 (with Exhibit)

10:50-12:35 Session 12: Mid-IR QCLs and ICLs
InAs-based quantum cascade lasers directly grown on silicon (Invited)
PRESENTER: Alexei Baranov

ABSTRACT. In this paper, we present the recent progress in InAs-based QCLs epitaxially integrated on Si. We will also try to identify the origins of the obviously different behavior of the integrated QCLs made of different materials.

Monolithic integration of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers coupled with low-loss passive InGaAs waveguides
PRESENTER: Seungyong Jung

ABSTRACT. We experimentally demonstrate lasing and mode coupling of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers monolithically integrated with passive InGaAs waveguides for integrated-photonics applications. A waveguide-coupled device produced up to nearly 300 mW peak power with Jth=3.5 kA/cm2 at room-temperature.

Continuous-Wave Operation of Ring Interband Cascade Lasers
PRESENTER: Hedwig Knötig

ABSTRACT. We present the first interband cascade lasers (ICLs) fabricated into ring-shaped cavities emitting in continuous wave (cw) operation. A second order distributed feedback (DFB) grating is used for single mode emission and light outcoupling through the GaSb substrate. The implementation of an epitaxial-side down mounting scheme facilitates improved heat transport from the active region.

Impact of Interface-Roughness Scattering-Induced Carrier Leakage on High-Power, Mid-IR QCL Performance

ABSTRACT. A ~15-20 % gap is found between predicted and measured internal-efficiency values of state-of-the-art, high-power mid-IR QCLs. We show that this discrepancy is lifted by taking into account IFR-scattering-induced carrier leakage from the upper laser level and key injector states.

Large Area Surface-Emitting Photonic Crystal Quantum Cascade Laser
PRESENTER: Zhixin Wang

ABSTRACT. We present a large-area (1.5 mm × 1.5 mm) photonic crystal quantum cascade laser, with 1 W surface-emitting peak power at room temperature (289 K), and narrow beam shape.

Enhanced Midwave Quantum Cascade Laser Average Power with High Duty Cycle Pulsed Operation

ABSTRACT. Previous high power results utilizing geometrical power scaling for high continuous wave (CW) output are expanded upon by operating devices with high duty cycle pulses. This quasi-CW operation allows for a cooling cycle that gives an enhancement factor to average power. Max average powers are mapped based on duty cycle for multiple devices and interpreted via a time resolved projection model. Beam quality in this quasi-CW regime is examined.

13:00-20:00 Excursion/Free Time

Excursion to Old Creek Ranch Winery and then to Ventura Beach. See