Days: Thursday, June 29th Friday, June 30th

Thursday, June 29th

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11:30-12:30 Session 1: Opening Ceremony

Opening Speakers:


Introductory speech:

Prof. Nebojša Dončov, University of Niš

ICEST 2023 Conference Chair


Opening speech:

Prof. Kalin Dimitrov, TU Sofia

ICEST 2023 Conference Vice-Chair


Opening speech:

Prof. Mitko Kostov, St. Kliment Ohridski University,Bitola

ICEST 2023 Conference Vice-Chair


Opening speech:

Prof. Zlatica Marinković, University of Niš

Vice-Chair of IEEE Serbia and Montenegro Section


Opening speech:

Prof. Boban Veselić, University of Niš

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering


Opening speech and ceremonial opening of the ICEST 2023 conference

Prof. Dragan Antić, University of Niš

Rector of the University of Niš


Musical Performance

Location: Congress Hall
12:30-13:00 Session 2: Plenary Session
Location: Congress Hall
Rockfall Monitoring using Multi-technological Wireless Sensor Network (Plenary Lecture) (abstract)
13:00-14:00Welcome Cocktail
15:00-16:15 Session 3A: Signal and Image Processing
Location: Room A
MSE Analysis of 24-Bit Fixed-Point Format in a Wide Variance Range (abstract)
PRESENTER: Milan Dinčić
Performance Analysis of Fixed-Point and Floating-Point 32-bit Quantizers for L1 Norm and Laplacian Source (abstract)
PRESENTER: Nikola Vucic
On Applying Expert Knowledge for Spline-based Segmentation of Liver on Computed Tomography Images (abstract)
PRESENTER: Szilvia Nagy
Quasi-periodic image noise filtering using Inverse Laplace filter (abstract)
PRESENTER: Đorđe Čikić
Comparative Analysis of Local Adaptive LMS Image Filtration (abstract)
PRESENTER: Rumen Mironov
15:00-16:30 Session 3B: Control Systems & Engineering Education
Location: Room B
The Object Spatial Orientation Calculation based on 3D Inertial Module and Kalman Filter (abstract)
PRESENTER: Rosen Miletiev
Feature Selection for Fault Diagnosis Using Principal Component Analysis (abstract)
Accuracy and Repeatability Dependency from Speed about MELFA Robots (abstract)
PRESENTER: Boris Kostov
Using ChatGPT Standard Prompt Engineering Techniques in Lesson Preparation: Role, Instructions and Seed-word Prompts (abstract)
Virtual Reality Application for Height Fear Treatment (abstract)
PRESENTER: Nicole Christoff
16:30-17:00Coffee Break
17:30-19:00 Session 4A: Electronics
Location: Poster Hall
GaN HEMT Modeling versus Bias Point and Gate Width (abstract)
Prediction of Life Expectancy of Electronic Components Estimated by Neural Network (abstract)
PRESENTER: Vasil Shterev
Analysis of indoor localization techniques (abstract)
PRESENTER: Milica Jovanovic
A Survey of Hardware Fault Tolerance Techniques (abstract)
Converters with Energy Dosing by Inductance (abstract)
Harmonic Analysis of Boost DC-DC Converter (abstract)
PRESENTER: Gergana Vacheva
Development A Hardware RTC timer Based On TTL Logic (abstract)
PRESENTER: Iliyan Boychev
Substrate Effects on Electrophoretic Deposited Biocompatible Piezo-Salts (abstract)
PRESENTER: Rostislav Rusev
Investment Analysis of PV System for Supplying Small Manufactory (abstract)
PRESENTER: Gergana Vacheva
17:30-19:00 Session 4B: Telecommunications & Signal Processing
Location: Poster Hall
A Simplified Methodology for H-plane SIW Horn Antenna Design (abstract)
PRESENTER: Ivaylo Nachev
Optical Communication System Investigation with Application for VLF Solar Flares Monitoring System (abstract)
PRESENTER: Ivaylo Nachev
Uplink NOMA Analysis with Different Allocation Algorithms over F Fading Channels (abstract)
Comparative Analysis of AODV and MTP Routing Protocols in VANET (abstract)
PRESENTER: Tsvetan Marinov
Bi-isotropic Prolate Rotational Ellipsoid in a Homogeneous Axial Electric Field (abstract)
PRESENTER: Zaklina Mancic
Method of Exponentially Varying Amplitudes for Finding Periodic Solutions of Autonomous Equations (abstract)
DA-FBLMS Adaptive Filter Design for Accurate ECG Signal Detection using FPGA (abstract)
PRESENTER: Dipak Patil
Overview Paper: Datasets of 3D Deformable Digital Models of Clothes and Garments Usable in the Metaverse (abstract)
An Experimental Analysis of Deep Learning Models for Human Activity Recognition with Synthetic Data (abstract)
17:30-19:00 Session 4C: Measurement Science, Remote Ecological Monitoring & Control Systems
Location: Poster Hall
Friendly Software-Based Method for Evaluating the Electromagnetic Field Influence at Electrospinning (abstract)
Application of Commercial p-channel Power VDMOS Transistors as Dosimeters for Photon Ionizing Radiation (abstract)
Studying the Possibility of using a Multi-sensory System for Precise Monitoring of Some Environmental Factors in Order to Assist in the Management of an Orchard (abstract)
PRESENTER: Lyubomir Laskov
Distributed Thermal Scanners for Detecting Changes in Grasslands (abstract)
Use of Thermography Methods for Monitoring Grazing Livestock (abstract)
Requirements Capture Process in the Vehicle Authorisation Procedure (abstract)
17:30-19:00 Session 4D: Informatics and Computer Science
Location: Poster Hall
Equivalences Induced by (n,1), (n,n-1) and (n,k) - Equivalences(1<k<n-1) (abstract)
PRESENTER: Sonja Chalamani
Algorithm for Iris Segmentation in Human Eye (abstract)
Algorithm for Generating Human Eye Iris Texture Code (abstract)
A Method for Calculating the Difference Between Two Iris Codes (abstract)
PRESENTER: Gergana Spasova
FPS Performance Factors in Standalone Virtual Reality Applications (abstract)
PRESENTER: Nikola Rendevski
17:30-19:00 Session 4E: Energy Systems and Efficiency
Location: Poster Hall
Modeling of Fire in Road Tunnels (abstract)
PRESENTER: Svetlin Antonov
Optimization of Technological Systems by Redundancy of the Main Structural Elements (abstract)
Economic Dispatch of Hydrothermal System (abstract)
PRESENTER: Teodora Denić
Mathematical Model for Assessment of Production and Energy Utilization of Landfill Gas in the Pelagonija Region in Republic of N. Macedonia (abstract)
PRESENTER: Blagoj Dimovski
Increasing the Productivity of an Electricity System Based on Energy Generated by Hydropower with the Help of Artificial Intelligence (abstract)
17:30-19:00 Session 4F: Engineering Education
Location: Poster Hall
Use of Optical Methods for Detecting Low Frequency Sounds (abstract)
Utilization of Affordable Modern Technologies in Examination of DC/AC Machines and Drives (abstract)
PRESENTER: Filip Filipović
Buck Converter Modelling with Cadence OrCAD (abstract)
PRESENTER: Tihomir Brusev
Practical Buck DC/DC Converter Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation (abstract)
PRESENTER: Tsveti Hranov
Laboratory Set-up for Testing of Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives (abstract)
PRESENTER: Filip Filipovic
LabView Based Function Generator for Power Electronics Training Needs (abstract)
PRESENTER: Nikolay Hinov
Dialectic on Principles of Reliability (abstract)
PRESENTER: Yuri Zhelyazkov
An Approach to User-friendly GUI Model using HCI Principles on University Websites (abstract)
PRESENTER: Ayesha Amin
18:30-19:00 Session 5: Let's celebrate WiE day!

Fun Fact: WiE was established on June 29, 1997.

Location: Room A
Friday, June 30th

View this program: with abstractssession overviewtalk overview

10:00-12:00 Session 6A: RF communications & Telecommunication Systems 1
Location: Room A
Ultra-high Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Challenges and Future Perspectives (Invite Lecture) (abstract)
X-band CMOS Lumped-Component Filter Synthesis Procedure with Capacitors Matching Capability (abstract)
PRESENTER: Jordan Kechev
Modeling a Class of Four-port Dual-band Couplers by Transmission Line-based Wave Digital Approach (abstract)
PRESENTER: Biljana Stošić
On Enhancement of Efficiency of Three Kinds of Rectangular DRA Antennas by Optimizing Geometrical Properties (abstract)
PRESENTER: Szilvia Nagy
Comparison of the Crossed Slot Arrays with Different Feeding Networks (abstract)
PRESENTER: Marija Milijić
Application of Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures for Mutual Coupling Reduction in Microstrip Antenna Arrays (abstract)
PRESENTER: Diana Petkova
Log-periodic Antenna for Solar Observations in 100 MHz-500 MHz (abstract)
10:00-11:30 Session 6B: Computer Systems and Internet Technologies 1
Location: Room B
One Approach to using R for Bayesian Analysis of Brain Signals (Invited paper) (abstract)
A Population Size Analysis of Adaptive Memetic Binary Optimization Algorithm for Feature Selection (abstract)
An Encryption Algorithm Based on Recurrent Аppell's Hypergeometric Functions of Two Variables (abstract)
A New Multi-objective Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Optimization Algorithm (abstract)
A Multipronged Approach for Modeling Menopausal Health Using Ensemble Learning (abstract)
PRESENTER: Tisha Chawla
12:00-12:30Coffee Break
12:30-14:30 Session 7A: RF Communications & Telecommunication Systems 2
Location: Room A
RF and mm-Wave Systems and Circuits for Communications and Sensing (Invited Paper) (abstract)
Amplifier Linearization by using Parallel Coupled Stepped-Impedance Resonator Filter in the Linearization Circuit (abstract)
Neural Model for the Estimation of EM Field Penetration Depth in Soils (abstract)
PRESENTER: Ksenija Pešić
Using Infrared Thermography to Investigate the Influence of Temperature-humidity Index on Thigh Skin Temperature in Dairy Cows on a Farm in Southern Bulgaria (abstract)
PRESENTER: Hristo Hristov
Influence of the Height from which an Intersection with Urban Vehicular Traffic is Observed in the Thermal Infrared Region with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (abstract)
PRESENTER: Kalin Dimitrov
IoT Networks QoS Guarantee (abstract)
PRESENTER: Stanyo Kolev
Multicolored Video QR Codes: A High-Capacity and Robust Data Transmission Method (abstract)
12:30-14:00 Session 7B: Computer Systems and Internet Technologies 2
Location: Room B
Data Protection and Recovery Performance Analysis of Cloud-based Recovery Service (abstract)
PRESENTER: Saso Nikolovski
ChatGPT-Based Design-Time DevSecOps (abstract)
A Serbian Question Answering Dataset Created by using the Web Scraping Technique (abstract)
Implementation of the Serbian Language POS Taggers using the NLTK Library (abstract)
PRESENTER: Nikola Vukotić
Comparative Analysis of Univariate and Multivariate Models for Solar Irradiance Forecasting (abstract)
12:30-14:00 Session 7C: Energy Systems and Efficiency
Location: Room C
Prioritising Deployment of Flexible Resources for Efficient Operation of Interconnected Transmission Systems (Invited Paper) (abstract)
PRESENTER: Jovica Milanovic
Power and Location of the Maximum Power Points of Photovoltaic Array in the Case of Partial Shading (abstract)
PRESENTER: Nikola Krstić
Impact of Renewables on Frequency Regulation Reserves in Power System of North Macedonia (abstract)
Analysis on the Optimum Tilt and Azimuth Angles for Fixed-Tilt PV Systems (abstract)
Thermal Analysis and PM Emissions of Lavender Residue (abstract)
20:00-23:30Conference dinner