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Mr. Ken D. Teske     Senior Alignment / Unity of Effort / Integration Expert

Mr. Ken Teske is internationally recognized as a results-driven Senior Alignment and Integration Expert, specializing in alignment, requirements development, analysis, and documentation in support of Stakeholder needs with more than 30 years of experience. Serves as a functional manager for Department of Defense (DoD), Naval Research Laboratory efforts supporting United States Special Operations Command and NATO Special Operation Force Headquarters, and Joint Staff J6 Mission Partner Environment projects. Aligns complex programs, organizational structures, architectures, and requirements for Department(s) of Homeland Security, State, Justice, and Commerce. Provides both near term and long-range management and supervision of the complex processes and multiple action that occur simultaneously. Conducts analysis & assessments and evaluates stakeholder requirements, plans, programs and strategies providing impacts, potential solutions and requirements documentation in support of the higher-level guidance. Leads and conducts Command, Organizational, and Staff Assistance Visits world-wide with the goal of improving an organization’s alignment and effectiveness. During these visits, observations, assessments and recommendations to Leadership and Staffs result in improvements or recommended changes to improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness. Mr. Teske retired in the TOP 1% of the enlisted force as a Sergeant Major from the US Army after 24+ years demonstrated leadership success in military from tactical though strategic levels.

LEADing Practices Advisory Board Member

Key Awards:

  • Awarded the prestigious Global Alliance University and Leading Practice Community THE FRONTIER RUNNER OF THE YEAR
  • Awarded the Instructor of the Year while serving in the US Army
  • Awarded the Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year while serving in the US Army
  • Numerous multi-service and nationality military awards and decorations at all levels


  • Bachelor of Science
  • LEAD Enterprise Architect with LEADing Practice - #1 Enterprise Standard provider
  • Certificate in Homeland Security 2008
  • College of William & Mary: Business Transformation Series (Mini MBA) 2010

Key Development Areas:

  • Developer and Senior Course Instructor for “Alignment, Synchronization, and Integration Framework (ASIF) Course and Certification Program”
  • Developer of the Helix Execution & Management Approach (HE&MA)
  • Developer of the Unity of Effort Framework, supporting architectures, and the Solution (how to) Guide for Department(s) of Defense, Homeland Security, State, Justice, and Commerce


  • Track Chair for “Operational Issues”, International Command and Control Institute, International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium (2017)
  • Track Chair for “Coalition C2 Issues”, DoD Command and Control Research Program (CCRP), within the Office of the Secretary of Defense 20th and 21st International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium. (2015 & 2016)


The Need for a Uniform Collaboration Tool Standard    

Improving C2 Alignment and Integration

Mission Networks Fostering Trust

Special Operations Command Mission Partner Engagement

Improving Alignment and Unity of Effort with Mission Partners

A Methodology to Improving Unity of Effort for Mission Partner Planning

Theater Special Operations Commands Requirements

International SOF Coordination Center

Tactical Edge Command and Control On-The-Move-A New Paradigm

Numerous published DoD, Joint, and Special Operations Insights and Best Practices