ICT and the City

ICT and the City

Chairs: Michael Nagenborg, Anders Albrechtslund, and Shane Epting





The vision of the "Smart City“ comes with the promise of improving various aspects of urban governance including transportation systems, the health care sector, law enforcement, and other community services. Currently, we are witnessing the emergence of so-called "city operating systems" and "urban big data." In his recent report "Getting smarter about smart cities" (2015) Rob Kichen has rightfully highlighted the need for an "ethical, principle-led approach designed to best serve the interests of citizens" in order to improve information privacy and information security.

Taking the discussion about "Smart Cities" as an starting point, we would like to encourage scholars not only to bring insights from the field of Computer Ethics to the debate, but also take into account the specific needs of cities and the various city users. Authors are therefore invited to ask, "What makes a good city?" and "How can ICTs contribute to uphold and promote the desirable aspects of city life?"