Cyborg Ethics: wearables to insideables

Cyborg Ethics: wearables to insideables

Chairs: Mario Arias-Oliva and Jorge Pelegrín-Borondo




Revolution in ICT is moving forward. From huge computers after World War II, we move to Desktop Computers ten years later, Laptop Computers since the 80 ́s, and Smartphones and Tablets currently. But it looks that miniaturization process is not over yet. Nowadays we are introducing wearables (Smartwatch, Smartglasses or Fitness- tracking bands as existing examples), and in the coming years we will incorporate insideables. Technological implants or insideables are electronic devices incorporated into the human body. They can be used with different purposes. Insideables can correct physical disabilities or health problems with therapeutic orientation. But insideables can increase as well innate human abilities such as mental agility, memory or physical force. Our track focuses on perceptions about the use of insideables from an international perspective, analyzing ethical attitudes and values from a cross cultural dimension.