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13:30-14:30 Session 1B: CAOS Int Focus Group: Ultrasound & AI

Focus Group: Ultrasound and AI Workshop


Location: Workshop Room 2

Chairs: Antony Hodgson, Benjamin Hohlmann

This workshop illustrates the use of ultrasound (US) imaging in CAOS, with a focus on evaluating AI-based US bone segmentation algorithms.

  • 13:30-13:40 -- A. Hodgson: Overview of US Bone Imaging in CAOS, and a Standardized Framework for Evaluating Bone Segmentation Techniques
  • 13:40-13:50 -- B. Hohlmann: Explainable AI for US Bone Segmentation
  • 13:50-14:00 -- I. Hacihaliloglu: Multi-feature deep learning algorithms for bone surface and shadow segmentation from ultrasound data (Remote Presentation)
  • 14:00-14:10 -- A. Uneri: Automating image labeling using tracked ultrasound for supervised learning
  • 14:10-14:30 Discussion and Closing Remarks. Topic: Improved evaluation: How to test robustness and ascertain generalizability of segmentation techniques.

For more information on the activities of the CAOS focus group “Ultrasound and Artificial Intelligence” visit:

Location: Workshop Room 2
14:30-15:00Coffee Break

Workshop Rooms

15:00-16:00 Session 2A: CAOS Int Focus Group: Applied Biomechanics


Focus Group: Applied Biomechanics Workshop

Location: Workshop Room 1

Chairs: J. Giles, K. Radermacher

Whereas the relevance of morpho-functional biomechanics for the therapeutical outcome is widely accepted, the availability and application of efficient and validated tools for routine CAOS is still limited.

The workshop provides a short educational introduction in biomechanical modelling in the context of CAOS as well as exemplary insights in recent work.

  • 15:00-15:12 -- S. Grothues, K. Radermacher: A Short Educational Introduction on How Patient Specific Biomechanical Modelling Works in Hip and Knee Surgery Planning (interactive demo with background)
  • 15:12-15:24 -- E. Liu, J. Twiggs, B. Miles: Modelling Patient Specific Soft Tissue Behaviour in Hip & Knee Arthroplasty
  • 15:24-15:36 -- A. Guezou-Philippe, G.Dardenne: Ultrasound-based computation of a patient-specific functional safe zone for total hip arthroplasty
  • 15:36-15:48 -- L. Berger, M. Fischer, K. Radermacher: Modelling the Uncertainty of Postoperative Functional Parameters for the Patient Specific Combined Target Zone for Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • 15:48-16:00 -- A. Beagley, P. Silvestros, J. Giles: Biomechanical Modelling to Improve Shoulder Surgical Techniques & Pre-Operative Planning Tools

For more information on the activities of the CAOS focus group "Applied Biomechanics" visit:

Klaus Radermacher (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Joshua W Giles (Orthopaedic Technologies and Biomechanics Lab, University of Victoria, Canada)
Location: Workshop Room 1
15:00-16:00 Session 2B: CAOS Int Focus Group: Robotics

Focus Group: Cooperative Robotics Workshop

Location: Workshop Room 2

Chairs: M. de la Fuente, K. Deep

Robotics is becoming more and more popular in orthopaedics every day. We are experiencing a lot of boost from industry with all major joint replacement companies racing to having a robot in their armamentarium.

Surgeons are trying robotic use. It might hit the same peak as navigation unless future improvements are made. To keep the progress going we will discuss what is being done in the technical world to overcome the obstacles we face in the operating room with use of present day robotic systems and what we need from the technical world to make robotic use as an everyday tool for every joint replacement surgeon.

  • 15:00-15:12 -- C. Plaskos, E. Wakelin, A. Orsi: Connecting robotics, patient data and predictive analytics to improve arthroplasty outcomes
  • 15:15-15:27 -- S. Laws, F Rodriguez y Baena: Advances in mechatronics to enable miniaturisation of surgical robots
  • 15:30-15:42 -- L. Theisgen, S. Drobinski, K. Radermacher, M. de la Fuente: Modular cooperative surgical robotics for bone shaping
  • 15:45-15:55 -- K. Deep: Clinical achievements and future requirements from robotics in joint replacement
  • 15:55-16:30 -- Discussion

For more information on the activities of the CAOS focus group "Cooperative Robotics" visit:

Kamal Deep (Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow UK, UK)
Matias de La Fuente (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Location: Workshop Room 2
16:00-16:30Coffee Break

Workshop Rooms

16:30-17:30 Session 3A: Mini Symposium: Applied Technology in CAOS Oncology (Available for free online)

Focus Group Oncology: A Mini-Symposium

(Available for free online:

Location: Meeting Room

Chairs: KC Wong, Paul Jutte

  • 16:30-16:45     Paul Jutte: Allograft use: finding the right one and shaping it optimally. Use of CAS and Use of PSI
  • 16:45-17:00     Lucas Ritacco: A unified CAS planning platform for orthopaedic oncology: is it the answer?
  • 17:00-17:15     KC Wong: Mixed reality: review and early experience in orthopaedic oncology
  • 17:15-17:30     Discussion

 For more information on the activities of the CAOS oncology focus group. Visit:

Kwok-Chuen Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Paul Jutte (University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands)
Location: Meeting Room