Social Program

May 19

Sunday Reception: 

19:00 Restaurant Mravaljamieri

Address: The left bank of the river "Mtkvari"

Taxi should now this restuarnt: taxi price should be 5<=  price<= 10 Lari

Tel: local organisers: +995 599 535589

Tel: restuarant: +995 322 344494

May 21

The whole day will be dedicated to a social program explained below. All times are approximate.

09:00 Departure from Tbilisi

At the Entrance of The University (University Graden).

11:00 Arrival to Ujarma fortress, summer residence of the Founder of Tbilisi King Vakhtang Gorgasali (Vth century).

12:00 Short break with a barbecue

12:30 Leaving the place. The road will go over Gombori pass, 1700m above see level.

14:00 Arrival to Ikalto Akademy, 12th century, the place where famous Georgian writer Shota Rustaveli was educated. A guided tour of the academy. Leaving the place about 15:30

16:30 Arrival to Khareba wine factory and restaurant. Wine tasting in the biggest wine cellar tunnel in Georgia. After wine tasting we will walking to the restaurant with a view of Alazani valley.

18:00 Dinner.

20:00 Departure to Tbilisi

22:00 Arrival to Tbilisi

May 23

We will have a short informal excursion in Old Tbilisi starting at 5pm and followed by a dinner.

We meet at 5pm at Vakhtang Gorgasali Square in Old Tbilisi and will walk for 90 minutes around Old Tbilisi. At around 6:30pm we will have a dinner at the restaurant Shadow of Metekhi. Please note dress code for the restaurant: NO flip-flops or shorts!