Understanding The MeToo Movement Through The Lens Of The Twitter

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1August 16, 202014
2August 30, 202014

We uploaded pdf and .zip files earlier also but got the email (shown below). So, we are doing it again.

Dear Author,
my name is Marco Braghieri and I am one of the two Proceedings Chair for SocInfo2020. Thank you for sending your submission.

I just wanted to ask you to resubmit your submission, as it currently comprises only a .pdf version of your contribution. You need to submit a .zip file comprising not only the pdf version but also a .docx or LATEX file and collateral material. Please follow the the camera ready instructions you have received.

As we have are past our deadline on 25 August, it would be preferable that you resubmit a version your paper with the requested as soon as possible.

For any clarifications, you can reach me at marco.braghieri@kcl.ac.uk.
Best regards,

Keyphrases: facets, leaders, MeToo, social network analysis, text analysis

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