2 x 2 Integer Matrices: Composition of Binary Quadratic Forms

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1January 5, 20247
2January 29, 202411

Fermat's  Theorem  on  binary  quadratic  forms  and  Pell's  equation  are  included. Also,  several  interesting  concepts   related  to  THEOREM in  Section  3  are  proved.  Total  of  4  pages  of  new  results  are   included  in  this  version

3February 14, 202412

A  new  section  i.e.  SECTION   4  is  added.  It  contains  2  x 2  matrices  associated  with  an arbitrary  ternary  quadratic  form.  Also,  Ramanujan's  ternary  quadratic  form  is   explored  in   view  of   the  results  of  earlier  sections

Keyphrases: eigenvalues, Genus Theorem, integer matrices, quadratic forms

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