On Solé and Planat Criterion for the Riemann Hypothesis

EasyChair Preprint no. 10519, version history

VersionDatePagesVersion notes
1July 8, 20239
2July 10, 20239

I've made minor changes to my new submission

3July 17, 20238

We improved the Theorem 6.1

4July 23, 20238

We provided stronger arguments to the last theorem and changed the abstract.

5August 6, 20238

We remove the conclusions section and improved last theorem.

6August 7, 20238

I improved the last hint in proof of last theorem.

7August 15, 20236

We simplify the paper

8August 17, 20236

We improved some details

9August 18, 20236

We made the final proof easier to understand.

10August 19, 20236

We complete the proof

11August 20, 20235

We finally created a simple and elegant proof for the Riemann hypothesis using the Sole and Planat criterion.

12August 21, 20235

We replace "R(N_{i})" by "R(N_{n_{i}})" in the page 4

13August 25, 20236

Final version at MICOPAM 2023

14August 30, 20236

Last update at MICOPAM 2023 conference.

15September 20, 202310

We improved the paper and changed the abstract.

16September 21, 202310

We improved the last theorem

17September 22, 20236

I used the de la Vallee-Poussin and Edmund Landau bound errors on Chebyshev function and Mertens' Theorem.

18September 23, 20236

I have missed a big-O notation in an expression

19September 25, 20236

I decided to keep the version which was accepted by the MICOPAM 2023 conference.

Keyphrases: Chebyshev function, prime numbers, Riemann hypothesis, Riemann zeta function

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