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Open innovation

EasyChair Preprint no. 2171

4 pagesDate: December 16, 2019


Innovation is a broad term that is basically about innovation, creativity and new revolutionary ideas. Innovation linked to IT and systems can also be about introducing new successful processes, services and methods that result in streamlining the final use of the product or service, this can also be called digital innovation (Yoo, Lyytinen, Thummadi and Weiss, 2010). All companies today have a digital infrastructure. According to Tilson, Lyytinen and Sørensen (2010), this, together with related services and facilities that are necessary for the company or industry to function, are defined as basic IT and organizational structures. In order to allow the acquisition of new, more efficient artifacts, processes and actors, the digital infrastructure must be stable, but also flexible and allow for more uncontrolled growth, which in turn will lead to increased efficiency and development of the companies (Tilson et al., 2010).

Keyphrases: API, digital innovation, ekosystem, plattformsekosystem, Tripple-play, öppen marknad

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