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Communicate to enhance: design for the Eraclea Minoa archaeological site 

EasyChair Preprint no. 1472

10 pagesDate: September 5, 2019


The pervasive diffusion of digital and virtual technologies has allowed the elaboration of very effective tools and methods for the communication and enhancement also for the intangible aspects of objects and sites characterized by their historical value and cultural meanings. The complexity and richness of cultural implications typical of archaeological sites, today require effective communication and information elements to activate involvement and awareness among visitors, despite the scant architectural and urban traces of the past; it is therefore necessary to prepare the complete experience through the construction of narratives related to the memory of the place and connected to the material and immaterial elements. The article presents a trial on the  site of Eraclea Minoa, a unicum of archeology, architecture and landscape: a communicative artifact that proposes a "multidimensional" site vision, full of information and scientific references.

Keyphrases: comunicazione, design per la valorizzazione e fruizione dei beni culturali, ICT, Museografia

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