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Efforts to Do a Hand Washing Movement in SDN Bleberan

EasyChair Preprint no. 2154

6 pagesDate: December 12, 2019


Washing hands with soap is a healthy behavior that has been scientifically proven to prevent diseases such as diarrhea. Improper handwashing with soap is still found in students in grades 1,2 and 3 at SDN Bleberan, Jatirejo Subdistrict, Mojokerto Regency. Because these children are very vulnerable to disease, awareness is needed that the importance of handwashing with soap is applied in everyday life. On 1 August 2019, a healthy life socialization session was held by washing hands with soap. This research aims to increase the awareness of students in Bleberan Public Elementary School related to healthy living by washing their hands with soap. The data collection method in this study is by observation and interviews with partners namely Bleberan Public Elementary School.

Keyphrases: Awareness, socialization, Washing Hands

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