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Quantification of the Management Model of the Production Chain of the Concha Prieta “Anadara Tuberculosa”

EasyChair Preprint no. 3748

10 pagesDate: July 4, 2020


Quantifying the performance agribusiness management model of the production chain of the Anadara tuberculosa called in Ecuador "Concha Prieta" o black shell is the object of this research. To this end, a quantitative, field, cross-sectional, "ex post facto" methodology was applied, through the application of 4 structured questionnaires. It was concluded that despite the low levels of agribusiness management, the performance of the value chain reaches an intermediate level, mainly due to the relevant characteristics of the black shell, the great demand in the Ecuadorian market and neighboring countries.

Keyphrases: Calidad de vida, Desempeño de la cadena de valor, Gestión de agronegocios, Manglar, Molusco bivalvo

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