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Dynamic Assignment Problem of Parcels in Parcel Lockers

EasyChair Preprint no. 1820

6 pagesDate: November 3, 2019


Several factors strengthened urban issues, namely: the development of electronic commerce, changes in purchasing methods and consumption habits. In this context, parcel lockers are now presented as alternatives to last-mile delivery. These lockers reduce the impacts caused by the transport of parcels in the urban area and also provide a response to the cited challenges. Customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly difficult to manage given the considerable increase in e- commerce and the number of parcels delivered through lockers. In this work, we propose a mathematical approach to the dynamic allocation problem of parcels in parcel lockers. The objective is to determine the optimal location of each parcel while satisfying the customer's demands and taking into account the real constraints.

Keyphrases: affectation dynamique, casiers à colis, logistique du dernier kilomètre, Modélisation mathématique, Optimisation multi-objectifs

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