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Presentation and Analysis of the Ecosystem for Mobile Development in Multiplatform

EasyChair Preprint no. 4953

15 pagesDate: February 3, 2021


This thesis focuses on problems identified in the Cross-Platform technologies market, the huge variety of solutions available making it difficult to choose the best solution to use. Several researchers have tried to create solutions to some of these problems, creating comparisons between mobile development technologies, identifying their vulnerabilities and problems that may limit some aspects in application development. Likewise, they dedicated themselves to creating methods to evaluate a mobile development technology, from questionnaires to the target public to the development of proofs of concept to perform performance tests and benchmarks. In this thesis we try to gather contributions from several study areas in the evaluation of cross-platform tools. In particular, we developed an extensive literature review in order to identify the main differences between native mobile technologies and Cross-Platform, an individual analysis of the various Cross-Platform technologies, a comparative analysis between various Cross-Platform technologies together with a quantitative component addressing developers. We hope that with these objectives, we can solve the identified problems, facilitating the choice of a technology depending on the proposed situation, as well as pointing out what its limitations and problems may be encountered

Keyphrases: API, benchmark, cross-platform, Delevopers, IDE, mobile, Smartphone

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