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Model of Relationships Between Photovoltaic Solar Energy and Agribusiness

EasyChair Preprint no. 8683

11 pagesDate: August 16, 2022


Of all renewable energy sources, photovoltaic solar energy is the one with the greatest productive potential. Thus, there is a trend towards a paradigm shift from the farmer-aquaculture producer, producer of food and raw materials for industry, to the farmer who produces energy, as well as food and agro-industrial raw materials, which encourages the diversification of production in the field and the generation of new sources of income for rural producers. The objective of this research is to develop a relationship model between the Agribusiness and Photovoltaic Energy constructs, in order to achieve higher levels of productivity, competitiveness and sustainability. To this end, the system dynamics methodology was used, through the simulation software Vensim PLE ® v. 5.10. The main result consisted in the elaboration of the causal diagram and the determination of the first, second and third order influences. It is concluded that: a) There is a relationship of interdependence between the constructs of agribusiness and photovoltaic solar energy; b) Diversified Agroproduction is an essential construct to understand and integrate the interdependent relationships between photovoltaic energy and agribusiness; c) Public policies and knowledge management constitute two positive feedback loops that can accelerate the massive integration processes of photovoltaic energy to agribusinesses through agro-production; d) Poor final disposal of photovoltaic waste, conflicts over land use and overexploitation of aquifers for irrigation purposes represent three negative feedback loops that could stop and even reverse the progress that has occurred to date or that may occur in the future in the process of interrelationships between photovoltaic energy and agribusiness. It is recommended to validate the model.

Keyphrases: Competitividad, Dinámica de sistemas, Producción agroenergética, Productividad, Sustentabilidad

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