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Move from the Industrial Era to the Digital Age

EasyChair Preprint no. 2879

8 pagesDate: March 6, 2020


"We need to understand that technology can make our lives better if we choose the right path. There are a lot of disadvantages to this path, but when it comes to communication, we need to know what we have invested in and We must always balance.This article discusses the proposal of  new designs, the complementary design of the free-smoke Bicycles called the "free-smoke Neighborhoods " project, as well as the creation of  Digital Manufacturing Workshop (fabrication laboratory FABLAB) in the NeighborhoodsHouse.
The results of the analysis of  Smart City definitions and concepts suggest that we examined two types of perspectives and management in this paper.

  1. Managing for technical advancements with the help of large international corporations and striving to build an advanced city with an emphasis on technology.
  2. Management also emphasizes empowering citizens to improve their lives through the limited use of technology.

these two layers of  management can create a perfect smart city.

Reducing  the network of streets alongside the formation of free-smoke neighborhoods and the creation of free-smoke bike infrastructures would mean a reduction in air and noise pollution and a significant increase in pedestrian-friendly space on the streets. So the smart city should be considered a green city that tries to use public infrastructure to move as much as possible. Pollution is one of the most important issues on the municipal  agenda, and  relocation  measures  are key to improving the health of the city, and people are of the utmost importance, and we need to increase the desire to use bicycles and public utilities. Urban management can make these changes. Ultimately, the purpose of this article is to move from the industrial era to the digital age.

Keyphrases: digital age, Digital Manufacturing Workshop, Fabrication Laboratory, Free-smoke Bicycles, Free-smoke Neighborhood, intelligent education, smart citizens, Smart City

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