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The Role of Education Technology in Ensuring the Quality of University Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 2663

15 pagesDate: February 15, 2020


University education is one of the most important stages of education that works to prepare the qualified frameworks to lead the institutions of society, and a fundamental pillar to achieve comprehensive development, which is an investment in the human element, which is considered the most important possession of any society seeking to reach its best goals and objectives, as the interest in university education The university is a means of developing society, by helping it to form a scientific vision that prepares individuals to accept changes, activating the university's role in achieving change requires a quality system in higher education, in order to ensure qualified outcomes capable of leading development. Overall, as far as education develops, its progress and the diversity of its outputs, the development process in any country is strongly driven by the provision of technological capabilities and to keep pace with the tremendous development in education technology and its innovations, allowing it to prove itself on the global map, so through this research we aim to study the orientation Towards the application of quality assurance in higher education institutions through the optimal use of university education technology and to identify its requirements and advantages to ensure quality and present the most important efforts made in this context and mechanisms of application.

Keyphrases: Education Technology, higher education, Quality of university education

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