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Design, construction and validation of a freeze-dryer for food-based samples.

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5 pagesDate: June 12, 2019


The present document describes the design, construction and validation of a manifold type freeze-dryer, built by a multidisciplinary student group from the Mechanical Engineering and Food Engineering schools, as a part of their capstone project prior obtaining their bachelor’s degree. The freeze-dryer was tested using lulo fruit, (Solanum Quitoense Lam), obtaining good results when comparing them with the correspondent using a commercial freeze-dryer, in the Moisture Percentage and Water Activity parameters. Likewise, the ideal parameters to dry lulo slides were determined via convective drying, in order to emulate the properties from commercial lulo fruit dried for tea infusions. Taking these results into account, the advantages of using freeze-drying is portrayed, always obtaining dryed lulo having higher nutritional values and sensorial characteristics.

Keyphrases: convective drying, freeze-drying, sensory analysis, sublimation

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