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Evaluation in the Teaching-Learning Process: Some Necessary Reflections

EasyChair Preprint no. 6615

10 pagesDate: September 16, 2021


The student, the teacher, the development of skills, the environment where learning occurs, the contents, the teaching 
activities,  the  positive  climate  and  the  evaluation  as  a  process  have  been  essential  elements  of  the  teaching-
educational process in any subject and level of education. One of the scariest aspects - most feared by the students 
and teachers is the evaluation process, due to the tension it causes. On the part of the teachers,  these tensions can be 
provoked by the obligation to elaborate evaluative activities according to the quality of the contents taught; on the 
part of the students, fear for demonstrating what they know and for facing a possible failure.  This paper is  intended 
to  highlight some valuations about  the concept of evaluation,  some vital elements to consider within the process,  
such  as  types  of  evaluations,  what  to  consider  when  designing  and  testing  exams  as  suggested  by  the  Common 
European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as what actions to take or not accordingly. The research 
work was  based on a wide bibliographic search  using the Analytic-Synthetic and Historical-Logical methods. The 
research carried out allowed regaining concepts that needed to be updated although being systematically treated by 
teachers. All of this was done considering the changes operated during the last decade in Cuba, so that some novel 
terms  such  as  construct  and  washback  were  approached.

Keyphrases: content, Evaluation process, skills, teaching-learning process, washback

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