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Health Apps: Quality Determining Factors and How They Support Chronically Ill People

EasyChair Preprint no. 795

6 pagesDate: February 25, 2019


With the proliferation of smartphones, the use of mobile solutions is increasingly coming to the fore and has a great potential to support the self-organization and self-management of chronically ill people. Because of the rapidly growing number of health-related applications, it is difficult to choose trustworthy products. By creating quality standards, the challenge for users to choose the right application for them should be made easier. So far, no uniform criteria for assessing the trustworthiness and quality of mobile applications have prevailed. Nevertheless, there are various assessment platforms, scientific evaluation tools and checklists for the use of health apps. Therefore, many researchers agree on which basic test stones have to be fulfilled. This includes information about the product (target group, benefits and risks, documentation and status of the information) as well as about the manufacturer (imprint, information about the qualification of the authors). Furthermore, information about financing and advertising policy as well as privacy policy should be provided. Moreover, as the results show, chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes can be effectively treated using mobile applications. This can improve the quality of life of those affected.

Keyphrases: chronically ill people, health apps, Medical apps, mHealth, mobile apps

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