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Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Builders Licensing Procedures of Baixada Fluminense

EasyChair Preprint no. 3626

21 pagesDate: June 17, 2020


The use of new information and communication technologies in municipal management has the potential to improve public policies and promote better service to society, fulfilling its social function, with the licensing of works by City Halls being one of these services and which are linked to the field of architecture, engineering and civil construction and public management, important for socio-spatial development and impacted by technological development. The Baixada Fluminense region currently positions itself as an environment with gaps in the municipal administrations, which can be overcome with the use of these technologies, requiring the deepening of the theme for proposing paths to solution. The adopted methodology sought to explore the theme involved and collect quantitative data that represent the level of use of technologies in the works licensing processes by the city halls of the region. The identification allowed to establish a score between the Cities, allowing for bivariate inferences related to the population variable, being possible to verify the possibility of impact by adopting measures for each city, being identified that the city with the greatest potential for impact by adopting technologies is New Iguaçu, followed by Duqeu de Caxias and Belford Roxo; as well were identified cases with the greatest potential for the region, especially the City of Guapimirim, which has significantly advanced in the use of technologies for the licensing of construction.

Keyphrases: Baixada Fluminense, Builders Licence, Civil Engineering, public administration, Technology

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