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Mediatized Value Discourses to Democratize Technology Futures

EasyChair Preprint no. 8538, version 2

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12 pagesDate: August 28, 2022


Focusgroups explicate attitudes and enliven public discourse. The scenario technique tries to anticipate spaces of opportunity by means of category systems into the future, with the goal to give sociotechnological and socioeconomic recommendations for action in the present tense. This publication presents a learning project, that uses focus group discussions in combination with scenario technique as an innovative media format, especially for sustainability discourses. The scenarios present the subjects to be evaluated as technologies in a realistic context of use. The evaluation of the technology use is done via predefined value frames, which are analyzed with multidimensional scaling and transferred into a value perception space. A web portal with interactive tools for data generation and presentation acts as a standardizing element within the mediatized value discourses.

Keyphrases: #Fokusgruppe, #Mediatisierte Wertediskurse, #Multidimensionale Skalierung, #Möglichkeitsräume, #Nachhaltigkeitsdiskurse, #Projektlernen, #Szenariotechnik, #Technologie-Assessment, #Werteframes

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