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Resilience of Family Farms to Climate Change Through Agroecology in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone of Mali: Case of the Villages of Dougoumousso and Kondogola

EasyChair Preprint no. 7395

32 pagesDate: January 30, 2022


Climate Change (CC) is a global environmental concern. The Family Farms (FF) of Dougoumousso and Kondogola in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of Mali are severely affected by the impacts induced by this CC. This study, which aims to contribute to strengthening the resilience of Mali's FF to CC, consists of characterizing the FF of the two sites studied, determining the perception of producers on CC and identifying resilient agroecological practices. To achieve these objectives, documentary research, exchanges with local authorities, the collection of climate data and a survey with a sample of 138 EAF were carried out. The data collected was analyzed with R, R-instat and SPSS software. The results revealed statistically significant differences between the socio-economic characteristics of the farms, the greater production capacities observed in Dougoumousso thanks to the cultivation of cotton. The producers surveyed perceive CC through the decrease and/or increase in rainfall, the shortening of wintering, the increase in temperatures and the frequency of climatic extremes. The results of the climate data indicate a persistent interannual variability of rainfall and an average temperature increase of +0.7°C in Dougoumousso and +1.3°C in Kondogola over the period 1991-2020 compared to 1961-1990. Producers also perceive the impacts of CC on their agricultural production. To strengthen their resilience, the FF have developed agroecological practices. More than 50% of the FF use a diversity of varieties, apply organic fertilization and carry out mechanical control, crop rotation, minimum tillage, crop diversification and seed production. These agroecological practices are not only resilient, but they are also suitable for the poorest farms and offer a more sustainable alternative to farms dependent on chemical inputs.

Keyphrases: Agricole, agroécologie, changement, Climatique, Exploitation, familiale, Mali, Résilience

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