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Early Childhood Education: Aspects of the Process of Professionalization and Teacher Valorization in Brazil

EasyChair Preprint no. 3946

12 pagesDate: July 25, 2020


 This article is inserted in the discussions of the “Educational practices and pedagogical supervision” axis and proposes a study about early childhood education as an area of ​​activity and constitution of professional identity, based on speeches that became legitimate in the scenario of educational political reform. neoliberal, in the course of the 1990s. The history of the constitution of early childhood education and the valorization of these professionals occurred through a professionalization process, which sought the professional qualification of teachers responsible for the education and care of children aged 0 to 6 years. The theoretical study followed the qualitative approach, constituted through the literature review, which allowed the theoretical contextualization on the theme, based on the authors: Bujes (2002), Ceron, Santos and Dresch (2019), Costa, Santos and Dresch (2018), Kramer (2011), Kuhlmann Júnior (1998), Sartor, Grosch and Dresch (2020) among others. The analysis is based on a post-structuralist reading of the events aimed at problematizing the needs for teacher training and its effects on the process of professionalization of the teaching profession aimed at attending early childhood education. Especially with regard to the qualification process of these professionals, when imposing challenges and reframing their practices, when considering the singularities of early childhood education, based on the assumption of the impossibility of dissociating care and education.

Keyphrases: Brasil, Educação Infantil, Formação, Valorização

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