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BIM and REVIT Application and Optimization of Hydraulic-Sanitary Project

EasyChair Preprint no. 7473

10 pagesDate: February 16, 2022


The BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology provides the virtual construction
of a project through the creation of a 3D project with all disciplines integrated and made
compatible, enabling the assignment of parameterized information for the elements
that compose it. Thus, decision making tends to become more assertive and complex,
avoiding significant costs during the execution stage of the project. Thus, focused on
the design of hydraulic and sanitary installations, the application of this methodology,
with the use of Revit MEP software, generates a project with a higher level of detailing
of the pipes, fittings and connections, facilitating the quantification, budgeting and
understanding within the construction site. In this software there are a number of
features that provide even more ease to the professional, for example, the grouping of
families. In that context, an exploratory case study was carried out, with data classified
as quantitative and qualitative; focused on the architectural design of an apartment
with three bathrooms, named BH1, BH2 and BH3, in which the times demanded by
two designers for the elaboration of the sewage, ventilation, cold and hot water
systems were verified, in three different modeling stages: without the grouping of
families, during the criation of groups, and their use. The comparison of results was
done between two time intervals, the first stage and the sum of the second and third
stages, when was identified an increase in productivity of 29.40% for Designer 1 and
60.70% for Designer 2, validating the influence of the use of grouping connections to
reduce the design time of hydraulic and sanitary installations in Revit.

Keyphrases: AGRUPAMENTO DE FAMÍLIAS, BIM, Modelagem, Revit

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