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Women in the Labor Market: Achievements and Challenges in the Area of Information Technology.

EasyChair Preprint no. 1994

12 pagesDate: November 19, 2019


This study aims to present women's achievements within the Information Technology market, and the difficulties faced. Through bibliographic research and research form, the article explores the theme in question. Even with so many groups defending the performance of women in the business world, they still face, in some areas, with a certain resistance of acceptance. Even so, more and more women's participation in the area of Information Technology is increasingly noticed. Engagement is needed, so that there is better acceptance in this professional sector. Initially we present existing data on websites of companies that conducted research on the subject or presented biography with relevant performances in the area. Finally, it was verified through research on women in the Information Technology market: the population occupied in some activities in the computer industry by sex, salary range, gender diversity of computer professionals, the time of experience in the area, training, if it has already suffered some prejudice and the distribution of computer professionals by age, with the objective of facilitating the understanding of women's participation in this area.

Keyphrases: evolution, Evolução, Female situation, labor market, Mercado de trabalho, Situação feminina, Technology, Tecnologia

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