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Development Need of Reference Materials in Costa Rica, an Overview

EasyChair Preprint no. 8494

8 pagesDate: July 16, 2022


The development of reference materials is related to the reliability of measurements, trust that affects commercial transactions, the protection of legitimate objectives of the OMC, consumer protection, among others. Through semi-structured surveys and with the help of data from different organizations, it is detected that there are important areas of development of reference materials, such as: food, soil, water, among others. Despite the work carried out by the Costa Rican Metrology Laboratory, the need in terms of type, matrix, analytical is greater than the current capacity. The results obtained show a way to establish a development plan for these materials, where Universities, Research Centers are involved as allies of national development in the area in which jointly with the Laboratorio Costarricense de Metrología.

Keyphrases: Calidad, materiales de referencia, Metrología, Plan, Trazabilidad

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