The 7th Vampire Workshop

July 5, 2023, Rome, Italy


The 7th Vampire workshop is held as an affiliated event of CADE 2023.  

The workshop addresses recent trends in implementing first-order theorem provers, and focus on new challenges and application areas. The workshop also discusses the development and use of the first-order theorem prover Vampire, and its potential use cases and interaction with other systems. 

Workshop participants include both Vampire developers and users, with discussions between tool developers and users. Participants can learn more about the use of Vampire, its efficiency in various application areas and needs of the users.

The workshop sheds light on topics such as:

  • prerequisites for substantial progress in theorem proving tools;
  • implementation principles and practice;
  • heuristics and strategies for different application areas;
  • case studies, successful and unsuccessful;
  • missing features in modern theorem provers.