16th International Conference on Tests and Proofs – TAP 2022

Part of STAF 2022, July 5, 2022, Nantes, France

The TAP conference promotes research in verification and formal methods that targets the interplay of proofs and testing: the advancement of techniques of each kind and their combination, with the ultimate goal of improving software and system dependability.

The TAP conference aims to bring together researchers from several fields of verification, including test-case generation, symbolic execution, systems engineering, predicate abstraction, automated reasoning, model checking, and cost-effective debugging and architecture-aware system design, such that the conference becomes a forum for active dialog between groups involved in the theory and practice of formal verification. Over the years, there is growing acceptance in research communities that testing and proving are complementary rather than mutually exclusive techniques.

The TAP conference aims to promote research in the intersection of testing and proving by bringing together researchers and practitioners from both areas of verification. 

The TAP 2022 proceedings is available here