Tuomas Pöysti
Affiliation: Chancellor of Justice of the Government of Finland
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Dr Tuomas Pöysti is the Chancellor of Justice of the Government of Finland, the Supreme Guardian of the Law in Finland. The Chancellor of Justice oversees as an independent constitutional institution the legality of the acts of Government and President of the Republic and shall be in that purpose present with the right and duty to submit observations, ask for explanations and corrections in all Government and presidential sessions, perform prior constitutionality reviews of draft Government proposals for laws and decrees and oversee that courts, public authorities and all charged with public tasks comply with the law and fulfill their duties. Tuomas Pöysti has served as the Chancellor of Justice since 2018.

Tuomas Pöysti has worked for more than 25 years with the intersection of law and digital technologies and governance of data and information and communication technologies and on better regulation of advancing technologies both as a practitioner and academic researcher and has an active portfolio in research and practise (List of principal publications available at

Before his appointment as the Chancellor of Justice, Pöysti worked as Under-Secretary of State for Governance Policy and Digitalization for the Ministry of Finance (2017), and prior to that as Under-Secretary of State for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (2015–2017). In the period 2007–2015, Pöysti served in the position of the President of the Supreme Audit Institution of Finland. Pöysti served as the chair and member of the Supervisory Committee of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) at the European Commission (2013–2016). Before, Pöysti has served as the Government Controller General, served in various public posts involving drafting and development of legislation in the Ministry of Finance, and as a researcher at the Universities of Helsinki and Lapland. 

Pöysti has a Title of docent, Administrative law (University of Helsinki), and Doctor of Law (University of Lapland). Tuomas Pöysti’s honours include the Grand Cross of the Order of the Lion of Finland awarded by the President of the Republic (2020) and Doctor of Philosophy (h.c.) from the University of Lapland (2019). He has been recognised to have the qualifications of Professor of Law and Informatics (2008) and Professor of Administrative Law and Information Law from the University of Lapland (2011).