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09:30-10:30 Session 10: BUSINESS
Measuring Female Entrepreneurs’ Happiness from Online Feedback

ABSTRACT. Entrepreneurship provides an important solution to the unemployment problem. In addition, women’s participation in the work force has a vital importance in Turkey’s national income. Nearly 8.5 percent of women are in management, or in decision-making positions. In this research, we measure Turkish women entrepreneurs’ happiness by using the Turkish happiness dictionary, which was developed a set of normative emotional ratings for the Turkish language and culture. We automatically measure the average happiness of the each feedback of a woman and the average happiness of Turkish successful female entrepreneurs. In addition, we cluster scores according to categories which present the common factors contributing to the success of happy female entrepreneurs.

The Human Resources Role in Increasing Sme’S Performance

ABSTRACT. Human resources development has gained a permanent, important role in SMEs, increasing not only as an academic discipline, but also as a central theme in the field of progress. SMEs are a vital and dynamic factor of progress in contemporary society, the main generator of economic performance in everything country, important player on the labor supply market, taxpayer major to the state budget, the engine of development through improvement living standards of the population. The central theme of this article is organizational performance, explained by the management's ability to use and develop human resources knowledge and skills. This article is about organizational performance, explained by the ability of management to use and develop knowledge and human resources competencies. The article aims to highlight the contribution of SMEs in the Romanian economy in order to identify and evaluate the importance of strategic use of human resources for improving the organizational performance.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management: an Overview

ABSTRACT. The purpose of this research is to identify and explore the content of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and to find the connections and the conditionings factors that are between the two areas. The study is based on literature review and wants to find the core subjects between the two areas, in order to a better and comprehensive understanding of these topics.

The Consumer of University Educational Services - a Central Element of Educational Marketing

ABSTRACT. The marketing of educational services has become both a priority and a challenge, taking into account the technological changes that have arisen from the aspect of the tools and teaching methods used, as well as from the point of view of the requirements on the market manifested by the bearers of labor demand and supply. In addition, the opening and internationalization of these services has led to an increase in competition in this area, which forces universities to attach greater importance to educational marketing activities. In this context, the present paper aims to analyze the necessity of applying specific educational marketing tools, methods and techniques, especially of university marketing, not only from the perspective of the promotional component, which has a leading role in this field, but also starting from to the analysis of the peculiarities of the behavior of the consumer of educational services as a beneficiary.

Is the Addiction to the Online Social Media, of Some Individuals, Affecting the Business Environment?

ABSTRACT. The internet and social media changed the way individuals interact with each other and at the same time, it has changed the way the companies communicate with the individuals that may or may not be their customers. But at the same time, the Internet and especially the intensive usage of social media platforms has its own drawbacks, of which one is the addiction to social media and to the Internet in general. The current paper is aiming to bring light on the issue of the Internet and social media addiction, we are presenting the concepts of internet/social media addiction, for the business environment. We present a profile of users that are addicted to social media; three dimensions of excessive social media use for employees, while pointing out several aspects related to consumer social media usage and social media advertising in the context of social media addiction.

Identifying the Optimum Social Site That Could Serve eLearning Purposes - a Preliminary Analysis

ABSTRACT. Nowadays, an increasingly attractive research domain is represented by the integration of eLearning systems with the Social Media tools. However, identifying the proper Social Media platform to serve educational purposes could be an extremely hard task, mainly due to the variations from platform to platform. Thus, the first aim of this article is to identify the optimum typology that could be successfully integrated with eLearning systems. Moving forward, a classification of the top 20 most popular Social Media sites at global level in terms of their main objectives will be required in order to asses a specific typology of each of this. Thereafter, we propose a preliminary model of comparison among the Social Media sites that comply with the identified typology. The process consist in analysing the main perspectives on these sites, by discussing some established key points and classifying the platforms by their capacity to serve educational purposes.

Specialized Applications Used in the Mobile Application Security Implementation Process

ABSTRACT. In the paper, authors aim to determine the extent to which open source applications can replace specialized security applications for mobile applications. In this respect, open source components are selected at which level the implemented security features are identified, based on which a completeness-determining indicator is calculated. The value of this indicator is then compared to the value obtained for the .NET CF3 framework, with a hierarchy of the components being treated according to this indicator. Based on the same selected components or components derived from them, to which other components have been added, the issue of ensuring their quality is dealt with by calculating the complexity of each.

Globalization and Trade: an Unfortunate Tangle

ABSTRACT. Globalization disrupted the seemingly solid construction emerged in the aftermath of WW II, called the international trade system. For over fifty years, the system grew constantly thanks to the increasing number of countries that joint it as well as to its ubiquitously-accepted rules. For better and for worse the system has worked according to traditional theory principles, whose core credo was that all participating countries would gain more if engaged in trade than if in autarchy. Globalization has muddied the waters. The contemporary order in which multinational companies make the rules has made these predictions look elusive. One serious implication is today’s unorthodox approach of trade policy, free trade being sacrificed in favor of managed trade, with the whole string of good and bad consequences that derive from states’ intervention.

Adventure or Successful Stories?

ABSTRACT. The paper tries to make us better understand the impact of diamonds encapsulating some fascinating things that are to be taken into account. Beside this, examples with powerful names (De Beers, Alrosa, Lev Leviev …) and studies come to be very convincible for the diamond industry. I outlined some strategies used during crises and later on when the marketing and sales strategies had to be reconsidered; I highlighted the risks in trading them on different markets; I came with examples which insisted on the scarcity concerning these natural gems as well as the impact of lab created gems and the changing face of the world with the digital era and the new generation of consumers. Regardless the risks, diamonds will remain a symbol of power and wealth, alluring beauty, a permanent store of value, their eternal quality making them perfect investments regardless the century or the crises we live .

Flights Delay Compensation 261/2004 – a Challenge for Airline Companies?

ABSTRACT. Globally, a large number of tourists, an insufficient number of pilots, strikes or high traffic at airports, have generated an increase in the number of delayed flights. In the first 6 months of 2018, it is estimated that around 4.5 million passengers (compared to 3.2 million passengers in the first semester of 2017) were affected by cancellations, delays, and overbookings of flights, while the eligible value compensation is approaching 2 billion euros. For these events, principally attributable to the air carrier, certain passenger rights have been established at European Union level, detailed in EC Regulation no. 261/2004 laying down common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights and repealing Regulation (EEC) 295/91.

Strategies for Marketing to Generation Z Consumers


A Multivariate Data Analysis of Financial Performances in Romanian Trade

ABSTRACT. The Romanian trade has changed its „face” after 1990, with stores improving their appearance and design, a significant increase in the number of stores and a gradual arrival of predominant chains such as Metro, Lidl, Kaufland, Profi etc. in Romania. Recent years have also brought increased competition, a typical phenomenon for a growing market. The paper aims at characterising the Romanian companies in the trade sector by taking into account a number of financial ratios that describe various area of corporate performance: liquidity, solvency, efficiency and profitability. Our multivariate data analysis follows their changes in time and tries to evaluate their development possibilities. We propose in this paper the first step towards building such standards for the trade sector, by identifying homogeneous groups of companies based on their financial performance, which will support the subsequent observation of companies’ performance analysed in relation to the groups thus formed.

PESTEL Analysis Applied in Tourism Evaluation in Braila County

ABSTRACT. The Diagnostic Analysis of Tourism in Braila County represents a broad investigation of the main economic, technical, sociological, legal and managerial aspects. This analysis was carried out in order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the tourism activity in the county, as well as the opportunities and threats of the environment that favor or threaten the development of this activity, including generating causes. The PESTEL method is reflected in recommendations on the sustainable development of the sector under consideration (to capitalize on strengths and opportunities) or corrective (to eliminate or mitigate identified weaknesses and threats) based on a detailed analysis of political, economic, social, technological, ecological and local legislation, which are related to regional and national reality.