Students who would like to attend IJCAR 2022 may apply for the following grants:

FLoC 2022 Student Volunteer Program, with deadline May 27, 2022


Woody Bledsoe Student Travel Awards, with deadline June 10, 2022

The Woody Bledsoe award honors outstanding contributions of students to automated reasoning. The winners are selected by quality of the contribution. We encourage all student authors for IJCAR 2022 and affiliated workshops and events, to apply for the Woody Bledsoe Award, independently of a financial need. Please specify in your recommendation letter whether there is a financial need or not. The decision on the award will be done independently of a financial need. An application to the Woody Bledsoe Student Award consists of (i) a recommendation letter of up to 300 words from the student’s advisor, (ii) full contact details for the students, and (iii) details  whether the student has a paper/talk contribution at IJCAR 2022 and its related events. Applications should be sent by e-mail to the ijcar2022@easychair.org.


Recipients of the Woody Bledsoe Student Travel Awards 2022

  • Julie Cailler
  • André Duarte
  • Yong Kiam Tan
  • Daniil Kozhemiachenko 
  • Nils Lommen 
  • Cleo Pau
  • Martin Raška
  • Joseph Reeves