Ground Floor Auditorium


  • Session 1 (Aug 29 09:00-09:30) Opening Session
  • Session 2 (Aug 29 09:30-10:50) Plenary Session: Hydrogen and the Future of Energy Systems shared by Aedhon McAleer ESB Ireland, John Finnegan Principal Officer, Department of Environment, Climate and Communications Ireland & Ellen Diskin, ESB Network
  • Session 3B (Aug 29 11:10-12:50) S.03: Transdisciplinary Infrastructure Asset Management for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure I
  • Session 4C (Aug 29 14:00-15:20) S.05: Exploring new trends in Machine Learning approaches II
  • Session 5C (Aug 29 15:40-17:00) S.27: Transfer Learning methods for Prognostics and Health Management
  • Session 6 (Aug 29 17:00-17:45) Plenary Session:Hybrid operational digital twins for complex systems: Fusing physics-based and deep learning algorithms for fault diagnostics and prognostics (Prof. Olga Fink, Laboratory of Intelligent Maintenance and Operations Systems, EPFL)
  • Session 7 (Aug 29 17:45-18:45) ESRA General Assembly
  • Session 8 (Aug 30 08:30-09:30) Plenary Session: Plenary session: Advances of Computational Risk Assessment in Industry. Curtis Smith, INL Luca Decarli , ENI;
  • Session 9A (Aug 30 09:30-10:50) Risk and territorial planning
  • Session 10A (Aug 30 11:10-12:50) Community resilience & social vulnerability
  • Session 11B (Aug 30 14:00-15:20) S.16: Risk and resilience analysis for the low-carbon energy transition
  • Session 12B (Aug 30 15:40-17:00) S.16: Risk and resilience analysis for the low-carbon energy transition
  • Session 13 (Aug 30 17:00-18:00) Panel A Room CQ009: Changes in automation and the future of work (Bruno Siciliano University of Naples & Adrian Kelly Grid Operations and Planning · EPRI ) Panel B room CQ006 : Crisis management & Disaster Risk Reduction Tina Comes, TU Delft;
  • Session 14 (Aug 31 08:30-09:30) Plenary session: Neuroergonomics and the changes in understanding and assessing Human Factors Prof. Frederic Dehais Neuroergonomics, Human Factors Lab, DCAS & EEG and human performance: learning by doing Dr. Ivan Gligorijevic MbrainTrain
  • Session 15K (Aug 31 09:30-10:50) S.34 Digitalisation and risk assessment – a new ball game? (promoted by EU-OSHA)
  • Session 16C (Aug 31 11:10-12:50) S.14: Digit twin: recent advancements and challenges for dealing with uncertainty and bad data II
  • Session 17D (Aug 31 14:00-15:20) S.28: Reliability and Maintenance for Internet of Things and 5G+ Networks
  • Session 18J (Aug 31 15:40-17:00) S.25: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events Impacts on Critical Infrastructures Risk and Resilience
  • Session 19 (Aug 31 17:00-18:00) Plenary session: Cybersecurity challenges for ML Prof Ernesto Damiani UNIMI, & Cyber Security Challenges in the age of Metaverse Puneet Kukreja Cybersecurity Practice Leader, EY Ireland
  • Session 20 (Sep 01 08:30-09:30) Plenary Session: Plenary session: Reliability of Telcom Networks Yan-Fu LI, Tsinghua University ; Li, Honqiang BAO, Huawei R&D-France;
  • Session 21K (Sep 01 09:30-10:50) PANEL: Risk perception & Risk hotspot. Organised by Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk, National University of Singapore.
  • Session 22F (Sep 01 11:10-12:50) HRA Society Panel: Human Performance for digital and automated environments: Challenges and Advances for design and safety assessment
  • Session 23 (Sep 01 14:00-14:45) Plenary Session: Decision science and risk (Simon Wilson Trinity College Dublin, Emanuele Borgonovo Bocconi University, Matteo Pozzi Carnegie Mellon University,) Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Singpurwalla. Nozer
  • Session 24 (Sep 01 14:45-15:30) PHD Awards
  • Session 25 (Sep 01 15:30-16:00) Closing Ceremony