Matrix Quadratic Equations: Algebraic Geometry

EasyChair Preprint no. 2094, version history

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1December 5, 20198
2February 8, 202010
  1. A  separate  section  is  included....
  2. A  NEW  LEMMA  is  proved
  3. The  current  version  is  about  10 pages
3March 4, 202012

(1)  New  results   are   added  in  Section 2.  They  deal   with  reducing  a  high  degree  matrix  quadratic  equation  to  a  lower  degreee  matrix  quadratic  equation 

(2)  New   results  are  also  added  in  Section 6  generalizing  the   results  in  

point  (1)

Keyphrases: algebraic geometry, eigenvalues, Eigenvector, Matrix Quadratic Equations, queueing theory

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