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Speech Therapy Health Education Strategy for the Elderly: an Experience Report

EasyChair Preprint no. 6078

8 pagesDate: July 13, 2021


 Report the experience of an elderly people group assisted in a Reference Center for Social Assistance, in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, Ceará, through actions that associate health of the elderly and Speech and Hearing Sciences. Methodology: Meetings took place from February to June 2019, with 38 elderly, of both sexes, aged from 60 to 87 years old. The speech therapist from the Family Health Center and students from this area prepared health education actions, which were based on the elderlys´ questions on their health conditions. Participants were encouraged to discuss, share experiences and clarify doubts about memory, phonation, hearing and swallowing, especially how the aging process affects these functions. Field diaries and written records supported data collection. Data analysis based on the Content Analysis in the thematic modality and the interpretation was held in the light of theories on healthy aging. Results: The elderly understand aging as an irreversible process, which causes problems in communication and swallowing, leading to social distance, feelings of shame and incapacity. The participants showed improvements from the interventions, as they began to value the educational health practices related to vocal health, swallowing, hearing and memory. Conclusion: Participants demonstrated more autonomy than before, by understanding and applying the guidelines given in the meetings in their daily lives. They became multipliers of their new learnings to their peers and families. Health education actions to strengthen the support network for the elderly are essential, highlighting the importance of continuous and specific care aimed at this population.

Keyphrases: Educação em Saúde, Memória, Presbiacusia, Presbifagia, Presbifonia

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