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Investigation and analysis of the life of wireless sensor networks

EasyChair Preprint no. 7078

7 pagesDate: November 22, 2021


With increasing eye developments in wireless technologies and small computational devices, wireless sensor networks can be called a many applications of wireless sensor networks. in order to perform tasks in a sensor network, we need to consider the amount of time and amount of energy consumed by the time and the lifetime of these networks will not be significantly reduced. in other words, the number of constraints on these networks is of particular importance. the ideal mode in sensor networks is such that the implementation, design and planning of the network have the greatest length of life. Therefore, the main concern ahead is how to increase the lifespan

Keyphrases: ، انرژی کارآمد،, شبکه های حسگر بی سیم،, طول عمر, مسیریابی

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