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Leo-III Version 1.1 (System description)

16 pagesPublished: June 4, 2017


Leo-III is an automated theorem prover for (polymorphic) higher-order logic which supports all common TPTP dialects, including THF, TFF and FOF as well as their rank-1 polymorphic derivatives. It is based on a paramodulation calculus with ordering constraints and, in tradition of its predecessor LEO-II, heavily relies on cooperation with external first-order theorem provers.
Unlike LEO-II, asynchronous cooperation with typed first-order provers and an agent-based internal cooperation scheme is supported. In this paper, we sketch Leo-III's underlying calculus, survey implementation details and give examples of use.

Keyphrases: higher-order logic, system description, automated theorem prover, paramodulation

In: Thomas Eiter, David Sands, Geoff Sutcliffe and Andrei Voronkov (editors). IWIL Workshop and LPAR Short Presentations, vol 1, pages 11--26

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