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Industrial Examples of Formal Specifications for Test Case Generation

9 pagesPublished: December 17, 2015


While requirements engineering has received considerable attention in
academia over the past years, formalization of requirements for physically
influenced systems is still a difficult task in practice. In this paper, we give
formal representations of some typical requirement classes arising in the
automotive industry. We divide these patterns into three main classes:
those mostly referring to properties of continuous signals, those mostly
referring to discrete events and those referring to similarity to a reference
signal. We discuss these patterns on concrete examples from automotive
embedded systems, where specifications are used for test case generation.

Keyphrases: temporal logic, test case generation, hybrid automata, Industrial, formal specifications

In: Goran Frehse and Matthias Althoff (editors). ARCH14-15. 1st and 2nd International Workshop on Applied veRification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems, vol 34, pages 80--88

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