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EasyChair News (2014-01-25)

The New Look of EasyChair Home Pages

We changed the design of the EasyChair Web page. The old design was in use for almost 10 years. It was cool but we believe it is no longer adequate, both in its usability and its content.

If you are nostalgic about the old home pages, click here to view the old homepage as it looked before the update

The CEO of EasyChair Prof. Voronkov says: "we all loved the old pages and tried to preserve elements of the old design, such as the use of the cool artistic chair image. The new page design allows us to put more information on home pages and make them more usable for our users. We also made the new design similar to the design of internal EasyChair pages, since it makes them easier to maintain for us, thus releasing time for developing new features."