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EasyChair News (2014-01-06)

1,000,000 EasyChair Users

The user account management in EasyChair changed on January 9, 2007. Before that date users had to create separate accounts for every EasyChair conference they used.

EasyChair has continously grown in scale and on January 6, 2014 the number of users reached 1 million. It is an impressive figure, since our users are researchers and according to The Economist there are only about 6-7 million active researchers in the world.

The CEO of EasyChair, Prof. Voronkov, says we routinely sign over 800 new users per day and the number of users will grow when new services are fully functional, including:

  1. EasyChair smart program generation, already used by some conferences, including LPAR-19
  2. Registration with online payment, already used by The Turing Centenary Conference and others
  3. A publishing platform for conference proceedings and journals

and many others...

He also says that EasyChair is the standard choice for conferences because we are fast, reliable and make very complex conference management models easy for our users.