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EasyChair News (2016-01-17)

EasyChair EPiC Series Opens for Areas Other than Computing

EasyChair founded the EPiC Series in Computing in 2012. It publishes proceedings of conferences and workhops and contains 39 volumes. We have now extended the EPiC series to other areas, including biological sciences, health sciences, and language and linguistics.

EasyChair is committed to open access publishing. We created the EPiC series with the aim of creating a model of affordable high-quality open access publishing:

  • Open Access. Our publications are truly open access. As soon as a volume is ready it is published and the articles are accessible to everybody at no cost.
  • Affordable. To make it affordable we cut costs by using the EasyChair environment to produce volumes using a high level of automation, thus saving time for the authors and the editors.
  • Quality. To achieve the high quality of content we use EasyChair data about conference reviewing. Further, we have created and are maintaining convenient and nicely looking templates for published volumes and papers. We are assembling strong editorial boards to help us to make decisions.
  • We aim to stay up to date with innovations in publishing and create new technologies. We are committed to indexing, the use of open data and semantic technologies.

If you wish to publish your volume in the EPiC Series, log in to your EasyChair account and follow the links "EasyChair -> Publish with us".

For all questions related to EPiC Series use the EasyChair contact page.